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Marie Louise's kitchen in All New KIB

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I have been largely and sadly forum-free this last year or so due to my tendency to spend TOO much time online (except to do serious research, for which I thank you all!), but would like to pop back in to say Marie Louise's lovely kitchen is in Taunton's All New Kitchen Idea Book--which she mentioned earlier in the month but now it is out and available. She was kind enough to let us photograph it, and it's in living color throughout the book--and on the cover, upper right! This book is paperback--high quality, of course!--and is really meant to be used--and used--rather than sit on the coffee table! But Marie Louise can keep hers on the coffee table, with bookmarks on p. 120, 123, and...! My thanks (again) to Marie Louise, and to all the active Cookstalkers. You all are a font of wisdom (and humor and fine cooking).

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The pleasure is all mine. As I've told you before, Jo, your kitchen books were a huge resource to me when I was designing our kitchen, so this was the least I could do to say thanks!

We just hung out upstairs while the photographer took pictures. I have no idea what/ if they moved things around for the photo shoot, but everything was just as I'd left it when he was done. He even complimented me on how clean the kitchen was-like I was really going to let all my friends and family see how it REALLY looks, LOL.

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Congratulations! it's a lovely kitchen, I'm glad it's gone public.

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Hey, congratulations! Can't wait to see this new book!

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Very cool!  I love your kitchen.  I was going through pictures just last night and came upon ones of your beautiful house and wonderful kitchen.  Very cool that it's in one of my favorite books.  I used both of the previous versions extensively when desigining my kitchen, and have given them to friends building houses. 

Hmmmm.  What excuse do I have to buy the latest one?


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You never know when you might need some slight kitchen adjustments! ;-)

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Aberwacky, I'm cleaning up project archives today (procrastination is my middle name), and I came across the images I saved from Cook's talk. Unfortunately, I had come upon your kitchen photos after the photo-shoots were finalized and I couldn't add more photos, but I love your kitchen and wish we could have photographed it for the book! It's such a family-friendly kitchen. I envy both you and Marie Louise your energy and design sense!

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Wow, thanks!  I looked at dozens of kitchen design books and magazines, but I kept returning to your Kitchen Idea books, and that's where I drew my inspiration from.  They are packed with timelessly practical, inspirational and beautiful ideas.

I have loaned/given away all the books and magazines I used when designing my own kitchen to friends building new ones.  The only ones I have asked to get back are the Kitchen Idea books.


"Miss Piggy is not a very good singer, but she's a great fighter." -Grant

"Happiness does not depend on outward things, but on the way we see them." 
-Leo Tolstoy
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Happily, I won't need to buy the book, as I my new kitchen was completed in July. I did use the original Kitchen Idea Book, as well as Kitchens for the Rest of Us (I bought both in hardcover), and every Taunton kitchen magazine when designing my new kitchen! They were very helpful; more so than any other publication.

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thanks, teebee. Glad they were of use!

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The photographer who took the photos in Kitchens for the Rest of Us is the same one who came to my house. (I have and used that book as well.)

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I love your Kitchen book! I used it extensively in my kitchen re-model in 2003 and again in my new kitchen in 2007. I also recommend it to others very often. I look forward to seeing ML's kitchen in the new edition.

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Two kitchen projects 4 years apart--that's pretty inspiring. I'm glad the book was a help!

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I received this book in the mail a few days ago. I really like it!! Full of practical information and beautiful pictures. Every kitchen looks like one I could cook in! I was looking for inspiration to update my kitchen and found it here. Just wanted to say thanks.