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Looking for a new range

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I just moved into a new house and the range doesn't work too well.  The oven does not go above 350 degrees and it takes forever to even get to 350.  It just doesn't seem too safe.  Obviously I am in need of a new range.  I have looked at different ovens and read through the forums but was hoping you could give me a little more advise. 

I currently have a gas range and would like another.  Is there anything I need to know about buying a new one.  I know that different burners have different BTUs.  Will my gas setup be able to handle whatever range I get? 

I still don't really understand too much about convection ovens.  I would probably be happy with a regular (conventional?) oven.  Any insights here?  One option I have been toying with is purchasing a microwave hood that doubles as a convection oven.  Does anyone use one of these are have any opinions on them? 

Any help would be welcome. 

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Need more info.



Will your hood exhaust to outside?

What/ how do you cook? Bake? Roast? Reheat?

Unless you're going to start catering, your current gas feed will be fine.


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Flay your Suffolk bought-this-morning sole with organic hand-cracked pepper and blasted salt. Thrill each side for four minutes at torchmark haut. Interrogate a lemon. Embarrass any tough roots from the samphire. Then bamboozle till it's al dente with that certain je ne sais quoi.

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Budget - I was hoping between $800 and $1,500.

Width - I am not sure.  I currently have a four burner stove.  It is between two cabinets and seems to be a normal size. 

My current hood exhausts out the wall to the outside. 

I like to bake mostly.  My wife does a lot of roasting.  I don't know if it matters but she also likes to eat frozen pizza which means we need to get the oven pretty hot and use a pizza stone. 

I am not planning any catering.  We are having our third child and want one more so will eventually have a family of six.  Kinda feels like we will be catering. :)

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"having our third child and want one more so will eventually have a family of six."
Wow, you're real planners. Yes, it will be like catering.

Do you roast large turkeys? Large hams? Within that price range you'll have lots of options.
If you roast and your wife bakes, an oven with the option of convection would be excellent.

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You are going to have to switch it around actually.  I like to bake and my wife does the roasting.  :)  If you have a convection oven, can you go between it and a conventional oven?  It sounds like they both have their strengths in different areas. 

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I have both a gas and an electric oven, and both have convection features.  The electric oven has true convection and the gas just has a fan, but both work great.

I have to say I use my convection exclusively, for everything.  Probably not the best way to go, but I love having it for both baking and roasting. I get more even browning and cooking, and things are ready faster.  I never had it before this house, and wouldn't go back to life without it.

My electric oven gets most of the use, but not because of any performance issues--the bottom of my gas oven gets very hot on the outside, and I have a very curious 2-year old who has yet to learn that "HOT HOT don't touch" means leave it alone, so I don't use it very much.  My electric oven is a wall-oven, well above the reach of curious fingers. You can get a dual fuel range, with a gas stovetop and electric oven, which might offer the best of both worlds for you.


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I just had a gas stove put in. When I moved into my house a few years ago there was an electric stove. I do not like electric ranges, so I had a gas line run from my furnace in the attic down to the kitchen so I could have a gas stove. The gas company told me that my line was 2PSI (2 pounds per square inch) and that was more than enough to power the range.

I went with a Frigidaire model at Lowes for about $1,200. Frigidaire models sell for less than GE models, so I got more features then if I had gone with GE. I did subscribe to Consumer Reports to get an idea of ratings for Frigidaire. They checked out fine.

The one I bought fits between the cabinets, so it is a normal size. It has a 5.0cf oven (plenty big to roast a big turkey or whatever else you want to roast), and a second smaller oven underneath the main oven. The large oven is a convection oven. On top I have 5 burners ranging from a 9,500 simmer burner to a 17,000 BTU power burner.

I have had this range for about a month. So far I am very happy with it.


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It's quite likely that the oven needs a new ignitor.  A $50 - 150 part.  Do it yourself replacement if you're handy.

Or I'm sure you will get good advice here on getting a new range.

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We have been in this house for less than a year and have had work done on the oven twice.  It is an old Magic Line that neither I or my wife really care for so I am looking forward to purchasing a new one. 

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I don't have access to gas so got a double oven, electric, 6 months ago. Love it. Should you get one be sure to get one with the small oven on top. I was told and found it true that I would use the small top oven 90% of the time. My first convection also. Very nice for baking as stuff browns evenly.

Get something like one of these.|Gas^Number+of+Ovens|2&lastFilter=Number+of+Ovens


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I have a dual fuel (electric oven, gas cooktop). The oven has a convection feature (with which I am becoming more comfortable) that we use a lot. You are not limited to convection, you can just use the bake feature. I do the majority of the cooking/baking (I am a homemaker), but DH enjoys baking when he has time. If you have a large family, the convection feature could really be useful. It will speed up baking/roasting time. My microwave is just a microwave, so I can't offer any advice there. My range is only a 4-burner, but it's enough for us.

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Over the stove micro-hoods aren't taken seriously as hood fans so it's pretty much a microwave comparison.

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I am glad to hear you say that. When we redid our kitchen (it was an addition, not a renovation, so I was starting from scratch), the designer drew a microwave hood over the range. I wanted a real fan that vented to the outside (I like the look so much better, too), so I insisted on that. She had drawn a double wall oven, so my idea was to put a slide in range with a hood, then put the microwave above the wall oven. I absolutely love it that way. The one appliance that my kids (9 and 12) use without supervision is the microwave (popcorn!), so they are not reaching over the stove to use it. I also wanted an oven next to or under the cook top (lots of sear-roasting!).

Our contractor commented after the kitchen was pretty much done, but he was still working on the outside, that after watching me cook in the new kitchen, he understood why I wanted things the way I did. He never gave me a hard time, and was fantastic to work with, but at times I knew that he was thinking, "'s your kitchen."

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I hear you.  First contractor that I hired to talk about redoing my kitchen (I say hired, but he was only out to give me an estimate...I would never hire anyone who called me "Little Lady") said that he wanted to figure in a microwave over the oven.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I ended up with a 1200 cfm vent...don't think a microwave would have worked!

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(post #56368, reply #14 of 14) times I knew that he was thinking, "'s your kitchen."

Actually, I think they mutter under their breath, "Can't see it from my house."