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Kitchen "bucket list"

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Well, I just saw an item that is going to the very top of my kitchen "bucket list" an Edisto oyster knife...DH's Gun and Garden Magazine mentioned a few things that I might be interested and then he just saw the list on TV.  Naturally when he was talking to me about the article, I admit that it went in one ear and out the other because I just heard the words gun magazine and what could possibly interest me enough to listen or read further.  BTW there is  a very long waiting list and you have to fill out an order form etc. backed up until April and at $250 each is still cheaper than the typical 30th anniversary gift of pearls or diamonds and a trip to Tahiti or Hawaii.

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Well, there's more than one (post #71561, reply #1 of 3)

Well, there's more than one thing interesting about that article. The knife, while lovely, can remain unordered for me. I "think" (it has been 40 years since I shucked a raw oyster) the knife looks "dangerous". I know a clam knife is dull on one side so you can push ont it--thought oysters were also.

However, the judges were tres interessant au moi.

After combing through hundreds of entries, we enlisted four expert judges— 
James Beard Award-winning chef Sean Brock, boutique owner and international tastemaker Laura Vinroot Poole, design blogger Hollister Hovey, and G&G contributor and sportsman T. Edward Nickens—to pick the final winners.

Laura is here in Charlotte, the daughter of friends of ours--our former mayor, and gubernatorial candidate, FINE lawyer.  She has a VERY trendy and pricey boutique.  Among other things we went to China with her parents with a Sister Cities trip and witnessed the Tiananmen uprising and massacre. Her dad was actually IN the Square just before the shooting started. That was a really interesting trip all around.

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Oyster knife (post #71561, reply #2 of 3)

You are probably right Gretchen dangerous and would probably vanish at one of our gatherings.  I didn't read the article so nice to hear that it was of some interest to you.  What an interesting trip to China you must have had. 

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Nice post ICDOCEAN1. I would (post #71561, reply #3 of 3)

Nice post ICDOCEAN1. I would grap anything in cookware from these guys as my final wish for my kitchen. acutally any high quality stuff would be great!