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immersion blenders

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Looking to purchase and immersion blender with an electric cord.  The Viking and Kitchen Aid immersion blenders seem very competent.  Any thoughts on these blenders?  What about the Bamix?  Seems pretty expensive. 

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Hey Marshmallow!  I have two, (post #70406, reply #1 of 8)

Hey Marshmallow!  I have two, a Braun and a cheapie from Target because it was on sale and had lots of stuff with it.  I really like the Braun.  If it's your first one, you might want to go with a cheaper one until you see how much you use it.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I agree with Adele. I have a (post #70406, reply #2 of 8)

I agree with Adele. I have a $10 or $15 one and it does all I need to do. I love it.

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I really liked my Bamix (I (post #70406, reply #3 of 8)

I really liked my Bamix (I have the Williams-Sonoma private label from a few years ago.) I used to have a Braun, but the design created suction on the bottom of the pot. Whenever I lifted up, it splattered everywhere. i just never could get the hang of that one.

The Bamix has a different design, and I can use it without spraying myself. I only use it when I want to puree soup or a sauce, but it works so well that I think it was worth the investment. 

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I've always had Braun (post #70406, reply #4 of 8)

I've always had Braun immersion blenders and they work well for me. My immersion blender, by the way, is my favorite kitchen implement, especially for cream soups blended right in the pot and smoothies.

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Cuisinart (post #70406, reply #5 of 8)

This might not be helpful to you at this point anymore.  I have a cuisinart one and I love it.  However, I bought a cuisinart immersion blender for a friend and the blender piece is metal.  Which I would highly recommend.  I have found that with my plastic one over the years the white colour has begun to look more grayish because of the soups/sauces I have pureed.

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I have a Russell Hobbs (post #70406, reply #6 of 8)

I have a Russell Hobbs blender.  We got it as one of our wedding gifts, and it works great.  We've been very happy with it.  Sounds like there are lots of good options out there.

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Bamix - Kitchenaid (post #70406, reply #7 of 8)

The Bamix is great, but the runner up would be the Kitchenaid in my opinion.

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immersion (boat motor) blenders (post #70406, reply #8 of 8)

I agree with The metl version. Had a plastic one which cracked on tbe b ottom and have been using metal version and am very satisfied