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Help for Warped Saute Pans

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I've got a couple of moderately expensive (Calphalon) 12" saute pans that have warped.   Is there any cure?  Considering that I've got a ceramic cooktop, the warped bottoms make it impossible to get even heating.  And what causes this in the first place? Is it overheating?

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You'll probably have to throw them out.

Yes, overheating is probably the most likely cause.

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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Overheating and/or putting cold water on a very hot pan.  New pan is in your future.


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Glass top ranges are the worst for warping any pan that's manufactured in a mode other than cast. The heat concentrates in the centre, causing the pot or pan to lose the shape acquired after it's stamped from sheet metal and spun into shape. Literally, that's how it's done. Cast pots, like Creuset or Berndes aluminum or classic cast iron hold their shape because of the thicker bottoms and the casting process doesn't begin with flat, tempered metal. There's nothing you can do to reverse the process and it's one of the worst aspects of glass topped stoves.

Of course, it can happen when an oversized pan is used on a much smaller heat source, concentrating the heat in the centre. This often appears when homecooks buy 14"-16" skillets and use them on burners that don't will never generate the heat needed to properly "spread".

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Wow, I never knew that!  Thanks.  I guess there's no cure and no prevention, other than to use cast iron instead of aluminum. 

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Wow, I didn't know that either.

All my pans are warped with one exception. A 14" Scanpan.

One just has to keep buying new pans - sigh...

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Buying is fun. ;-)

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Do they look like this?

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No, that's way prettier.

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Scanpans are cast. There you go!

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Interesting. I have Jenn Air glass-top radiant heat burners at the beach-and I love it. I haven't noticed any problems w/ my All Clad warping-maybe I haven't been paying attention, or is All clad also casted?

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Sheesh, at the price you pay for this stuff, it should be indestructable. My SIL dunked my lovely 3? qt pan in some cool dishwater trying to be helpful. I could have throttled him, but after that the cover never fit. I gave the pan away. Couldn't stand to look at it. sigh  I guess I'll just have to stick with my motley collection of cheap stuff. When you don't care what happens to it, it lasts forever.

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All stainless is spun/stamped but All-Clad is layered before the process while most brands simply have a conductive layer attached later. You will not notice distortion on pans that match the footprint of the burner- radius to radius- or if you don't overheat pans. It usually shows on skillets and sauté pans but it's jus not the width. I've actually seen the heat of the glass stove seemingly concentrate to the centre of the coil, as it gets hotter. That's wherer the problem begins.

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I have a glass top range and I use a variety of skillets but all of them have the thick core bottom.  I've bought most of them at Tuesday morning, TJMaxx or Marshalls.  Macys carries a line called Tools of the Trade or Belgique that work really well on the glass top.  You can get the skillets with or without teflon lining.  All my thin bottom pots, pans and skillets are now used on the bbq.

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Take them back to a store that sells Calphalon and have them replaced. They will do it. It will take a couple of weeks, but you will get new pans.

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They probably will but the sad thing about the glass, the process just begins all over.

I have to cook on glass range tops a lot in demo situations, especially department stores where they don't like open flame etc. The pans rarely work successfully in conjunction with the burners or they're distorted.

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I hear you. But at least she wouldn't have to pay for new pans! :-)

Just replace them as needed, and pick up some LC and Cast a bit at  a time. I haven't yet had to replace my calphalons ( I have a glass cooktop right now), but I have been adding pieces of LC to my collection to cover this phase, and do any high heat searing  I need.

The regular calphalon ( my old stuff) has held up quite well.

Can't wait to get my gas stove in - the lines should be run down my street in a year or so.

Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time - Abe Lincoln.


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Contact Calphalon on-line and let them know.  They will ask you to send them back and if it's from the line that has a life-time warranty they will replace them.  I've already done this.

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Actually I've already done that with my large 5 qt Calphalon saute. They were great about it - no questions, they just shipped me a new one, which proceeded to warp shortly after.   I just don't have the nerve to return it again.  Its now become my camping pan.  Got to admit I must look like a real yuppie at the campground cooking on my Coleman stove and my $$$ Calphalon!!  

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Now that I think about it when my 12" Calphalon saute pan warped I was using it on a glass top stove.  They replaced it and we moved shortly after and now I have  gas. (oops, pardon me).  My new one was fine until I traded the whole set in for stainless.  I really like the stainless better.