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Help Selecting Egg Poacher

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I'm looking for feedback on egg poachers.  I've been free-poaching in just-under-boiling, swirling water, with a little vinegar.  This works okay for me, but I'd like something that allowed me to poach more eggs at a single time, or easily poach a single egg without a big clean-up.  I can only poach two-three eggs at a time using my method, and find myself sending out dishes in shifts for some of my meals.  I've got a great acqua cotta recipe that I'd love to have people over for, but am not looking forward to poaching egg after egg while my guests are eating without me.

I've been looking at these HotSpot EggShell Silicone Egg Poachers (  People seem pretty happy with them, and I could drop about six of them into my pan at a time.

Has anyone tried these out?  I'd love an easy way to poach between one and six eggs at a time, without having to scrape the residulal egg white out of my pan each time.  I relish the idea of having poached eggs more often, and would appreciate any thoughts on good egg poaching equipment.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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Egg Poacher (post #70646, reply #1 of 1)

For as often as I poach eggs, hardly every I picked up an inexpensive poacher insert that you can use in 10-12 skillet.  I finally got the hang of it when making the Eggs Benedict from one of the current issue.  No need to spend a fortune on this item.