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Glass Vessel from the Strawberry Vinaigrette in June/July 2013 Issue

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Does anyone know where you can purchase the glass vessel pictured in the Strawberrry Vinaigrette recipe in the June/July 2013 issue?  It is not listed in the "Where to Buy It" section at the end of the issue, where I would normally look to find such information.



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Vinaigrette cruet (post #71816, reply #1 of 1)

I’m sorry to report that the vinaigrette cruet you see in the picture doesn’t have a paper trail. It’s one of those pieces that’s lived in our props closet for many years, pre-dating our photo editor, who keeps detailed records about items we use in photographs.

Sorry we couldn't give you a source. I hope someone who has one chimes in!

-CT Mods