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Gas vs Electric

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I have an electric range.  As I become more involved with cooking, and discussions, I feel that a gas range appears to be much more the range "of choice".  Does anyone have any thoughts/facts on this? 

Is a gas range more of a fire hazard?

Thanks.  I just found this forum and look forward to reading!


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Look back through the previous messages in this forum and you'll find a discussion about this topic--titile "Electric Cooktops Anyone".  I would post a link to it but I'm not sure how unfortunately.  Most people here agree that gas is the way to go but there are a few people that believe electric cooktops have come a long way. 


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well, hello GJANDER! How have you been? :-)

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Hey Wolvie--been lurking as always but came out of the shadows for a rare post. :)

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Having had both in the last 6 years, I'd definitely go with gas. Electric is preferable for ovens, but it doesn't quite make it for stovetop cooking.

If you're willing to invest some heavy money, you could get a dual fuel, the ideal.

I don't think there's any more fire hazard with gas, in fact, since it's a lot less likely you'd leave the burner on on a gas range, it's probably a little less.



When life gives you lemons, eat your own weight in chocolate!


When life gives you lemons, eat your own weight in chocolate!

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My thoughts are in the link below. I own both, and my gas stove is one of those good ones people covet (Wolf.) I wouldn't buy it again.

My next kitchen I am going with a very good radiant electric cooktop. Wolf makes one that has one burner that appears to be about 14 inch wide (it has 3 concentric circles, each one can be used or not.) If I had it do today, I would get that one, or one similar to it.

My only complaint about my current radiant cooktop is that very big saute pans don't fit on it. the Wolf would solve that problem.

It is very responsive; it is nothing like those old electric coils. Those can be frustrating to cook on.