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Gadget - Tomato Peeler/Seeder

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My daughter thinks she saw gadget that supposedly peels and seeds tomatoes. Doesn't remember the name of it, but a friend told her it really works great. Anyone know what it is, if it "does" work, where it can be found?

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Didn't Gallagher (sp?) used to have one??

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there exists what's called a tomato shark used for seeding. Doesn't peel though.

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As an aside...does your state have a "State Fair"? I'll bet if it does and its in August you'll find some wonderful hawk there with a microphone and a crowd. Everytime you use it, or see it unused in your gadget drawer, you'll remember your day of Americana. Yeah, summer!

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Memphis, TN, just over state line has the "Mid-South Fair" - huge - in October and you are probably right. Will tell her to look there. She saw it on TV only one time. Too late for the 120 tomatoes she picked yesterday, but maybe in time for next year.

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Only thing I have ever used that can do both things is a food mill. It looks like a small pot with a handle, but there is a crank on top and holes in the bottom...and also a straight wire which "sweeps" the tomato pulp into the larger bowl or pot sitting underneath. This will eliminate seeds and skin. I have only used my food mill with
i cooked
tomatoes, but it works very well. Seeds and skin remain in the "pot" (to be discarded) and your precious tomato pulp falls to the bowl or pot beneath.

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This dawned on me after Chiff's post about the food mill. I think I remember Graham Kerr using this contraption on several occasions on his show (not galloping around).I think this is what she saw on TV. I hope I can show this picture.

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Great job posting the picture, Dixie!

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dixie, I have one of these, and it works great. They are made in Italy. I'm sorry, I don't remember where I got it. When I do, or if I see it (which I think I have recently in a catalog), I'll let you know.

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Nancy, it is in the new Sur La Table catalog. I just saw it and an ordering for a Christmas present (too late for this summer). Glad to know someone who can recommend it. Thanks.

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Tomato seeder peeler (post #53582, reply #10 of 10)

Google squeezo, great little machine , saves tons of time!!!!