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Food Saver

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Food Saver (post #56602)

I recently purchased a Food Saver and am finding many uses.

However, recently I had some leftover grated mozzarella.  I vacuum sealed it, but it all stuck together.  I had to regrate it but it kind of crumbled apart.

Then I made some cinnamon buns and baked them.   I froze them first, and then I vacuum sealed.  They seemed to get all squished up, so I took them out of bag and froze in zip lock.

Has anyone had luck using the foodsaver for baked goods.  I would like to make some dinner rolls, freeze unbaked, then vacuum seal.  Would this work, or would they get all stuck together.

Thanks, Josie

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Yes, the reamalgamation of shredded cheese!!  YOu only do it once.

I often draw a vacuum to "almost" where it starts to shrink the bag but then stop, switch to "seal" and seal it.  It isn't a full vacuum, but still better than a ZipLoc.  That vacuum is a STRONG one--it'll collapse a lot of things!!

I would think your dinner rolls, unbaked and frozen, would be fine to pull the full vacuum. You need to have them flat on something.  Or just pull it to "almost".

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Good idea to just vaccum till almost done.  Yesterday after I made the dinner rolls and let them cool, I vaccum sealed one package.  I watched in horror as my rolls seemed to pull together and shrivel up.  I immediately unsealed and they bounced back.


I love this machine!

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Forgot to add that I froze before vacuum sealing.,

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Hey how much that food (post #56602, reply #4 of 6)

Hey how much that food saver???

oven trays

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They are all prices depending (post #56602, reply #5 of 6)

They are all prices depending on the various features. Look on Amazon or QVC. Tuesday Morning stores often have some at excellent prices.
I have gotten them for as little as $50 online, and $30 at TM. They are now selling them with many more features, and not the plain ones, so are more expensive.

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Hi I dont have that much (post #56602, reply #6 of 6)


I dont have that much idea about food saver ... Can you tell me some info and uses of this food saver ??? and what brand is best ???


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