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Food Processor

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I have a Braun Food Processor.  It is quite old now and am unable to find replacement parts.  It was a K1000 model.   It was great and I used it almost daily.  It had a dough hook, large and small blades, discs for slicing and shredding (5), and large and small whisks.  The only thing it did not have was a paddle.

In searching for a replacement I find that most now are strictly food processors.  I do use my dough hook so that would be a necessity.

Any suggestions ?


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Hi.   Was it a stand (post #70181, reply #1 of 4)



Was it a stand mixer type appliance with a blender and slicer attachment deal?

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Food Processer (post #70181, reply #3 of 4)

It has 3 bowls - one for mixing, kneading and whipping.  The other bowl was for slicing and dicing as a food processer.  Then I have a smaller container that is like a blender with two blades.  They all sit on a stand.

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I think theoretically in the (post #70181, reply #2 of 4)

I think theoretically in the new BIG FPs you can "knead" dough with the plastic blade. I have a KA that has a dough hook that I have used for that  purpose about 4 times in 40 years!

If you use a food processor a lot and also need a dough hook, I think it's gonna be two appliances.  And i think you'll find the newer models to be a lot better.

If price is a factor (and it is with me, and most, I think), you might think about a B&D FP--Fine Cooking did a test of various FPs a number of years ago and that was the best "value" at about $40 at the time.

Do you have a stand mixer?  If not, I am POSITIVE you would love to have one and it woud serve you extremely well. You can get a KA for under $200.

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Food Processor (post #70181, reply #4 of 4)

I guess you are right - i will need the two appliances.  I did have a very large professional kitchen aid mixer, but it was too large for my limited counter space so gave it to my daughter. 


I will be able to put off purchasing for now, as I was able to get the part I required, but soon none will be available.