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Food Photography

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A while back, I think during the Challenge, we were discussing food photography.  I am no expert, but here is a great discussion on food photography, with lots of great tips, from a blogger (via KCRW's Good Food podcast):

You can let me know if my photos get better-- I know my Challenge photos fluctuated seasonally, depending on the light levels at 6PM in Chicago!


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Photography (post #71281, reply #1 of 3)

Well, while watching non-stop weather for 6+hours, I had to prepare dinner for one just to settle the tension, my R U bored dinner was the perfect choice for me to munch on while watching back to back Borgia episodes among other things when all tornado watches and warnings were suspended. 

I took a few photos in darkness with no flash at all and then when we had a little brightness outside I took a few more no flash pictures.  I learned this over the course of time through the challenge as the lighting in the kitchen is not great for pictures.  I had a little success with that method.

I should read the entire article, but when I have more time, more patience, and camera in hand.  Apertures confuse me.

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photos (post #71281, reply #2 of 3)

Hey ICD, I like your photo experimentation!  Those fava beans look beautiful.  It is amazing how much difference the light makes.

I have another tip to add-- watch your reflections!  My husband took some photos of the rice pudding I made tonight and at some angles you can see him in the spoon!


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Love the shots. Macro shots (post #71281, reply #3 of 3)

Love the shots. Macro shots are good for food photography too especially for individual ingredients like those fava beans!