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Fantastic New magnetic knife rack

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Fantastic New magnetic knife rack (post #55710)

I'm a regular over at Taunton's woodworking forum where this was originally posted.

These new magnetic knife racks are fantastic. They hold like crazy, don't scratch your knives (or nick the edges) and come in woods to match your cabinets (custom woods are also available).

I quickly trashed my slotted knife block. Just out of curiosity I sawed it open to take a peek inside. I think it would have been cleaner to just keep my cutlery in the garbage. Yeah, it was that gross...

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Wow!  That is neat.  I have a chrome colored magnetic knife rack that I love.  So easy to just reach over and grab a knife.  I also have two knife blocks, but I keep an ancient set of Henckels in them.  Needless to say, any knife block or knife rack should be kept out of the reach of the little ones.

BTW, welcome to CT.  Nice to have someone keep us up to date on what the guys on the woodworking forum are doing!

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I switched to a magnetic wall rack some years ago, after my block split open on its own. Yes, I too had enough crud in there to make me gag! I had always worried that the magnetic racks wouldn't hold the knives securely enough, but I was wrong. In fact, it's sometimes a bit of a struggle to get them off! Someone on this board gave me a great piece of advice: Never grab the handle and pull out, which can cause you to jab the point into the wall. Instead rotate the handle to the side until the whole knife lifts off the magnet.
P.S. Edited to ask: Where are the magnets on those wooden racks? Are there just a few magnets, all hidden by the knives in that photo? My rack has two strips of magnet, across the top and bottom of the metal strip:

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The magnets are embeddeed within the wood itself. They are not visible. They go across the entire face of the Mag-blok between the screws on the ends. You can place a knife or gadget anywhere between the screws (wider knives can also span the screw heads as long as the knife is wide enough to enagage the magnet). The huge advantage here is that your knives are NEVER at risk of getting chipped or nicked since they can only touch wood. Even though the magnets are covered by wood, they are still incredibly strong. In fact, the large the knife, the better it holds. I'm using one of these with a chinese cleaver and I have to slide it off its so strong. I've tested it with up to an 8lb. item.

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Excellent design!

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I am with you on the magnetic knife holders. I love mine.

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As much as I was in love with this when I saw it at Tuesday Morning, I ran into a problem when trying to use it.

1 - Won't hold ceramic knives
2 - Some metal knives don't have enough of whatever it is to make them magnetic

sigh Hoping for a miraculous new invention...

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velcro? : )

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You would do well to disclose the fact that you have an interest in this venture:

"Light the lamp, not the rat! Light the lamp, not the rat!!"
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"Light the lamp, not the rat! Light the lamp, not the rat!!"
Rizzo the Rat, A Muppet Christmas Carol

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Not trying to hide anything here. My profile lists as my website. I also mentioned my original posting at Knots (where I was quite blatant in my post) as the first sentence in this thread. I actually started making these things because I HATED the metal magnetic holders, and typical knife blocks. I simply offer them for sale because I want to share the love. :-) I love using my blocks! I have a day job that provides for me quite well. I'd love for you try one out actually. If you want to drop me an email through the website, I'll give you a special ordering page for 10% off. Just mention that your a member of Cookstalk forum. Thanks for your interest.

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I think they are cool and I am glad you posted aboout them. Just no place toput one right now.

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The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

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That is nice. I have always used a magnetic rack--not that handsome, nor would I have space for it.  I have even found that I can put my microplane on the end of mine!