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Dacor vs. Viking range?

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We are doing a kitchen remodel and have narrowed our appliance choices down to the 36" Dacor and Viking dual fuel ranges.  I am leaning towards the Dacor because the sealed burners seem easier to clean.  Is this true? Are there other advantages/disadvantages that we should know about?



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We, too, are planning a kitchen remodel.  Initially, I though the Viking was a no-brainer, but once I started comparing it with the Dacor, the Viking was left in the dust.  In addition to the sealed burners, the oven sizes really don't compare.  I'm looking at the 48" duel-fuel range.  Both Dacor ovens are several inches larger than the Viking, and both ovens are convection/conventional.  The Viking ovens are very shallow.  All reviews I've read by Dacor owners have been glowing. 

Hope you've checked out their web page.  Lots of details and specs.

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  We have the 30 inch dual fuel.  I've very happy with it.  Its a snap to clean. I contacted Dacor with questions before I purchased.  My call was returned by both a service person and a regional management person. 

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I have the Viking dual fuel.  I got it after extensive research.  Compared to Dacor:

Viking has higher BTUs

Viking better at simmering

Clean up is easy.  All the parts come off easily to clean.

Viking does have a smaller oven, but as long as a sheet pan fits it makes little difference.



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Do you have the 48" Viking range, MC?  I know that some of the Viking ovens are deeper, but it's definitely shallow in the Viking in the 48" model.  For me the most important thing to me is being able to fit my HearthKit into the oven.

Both Viking and Dacor have 15,000 BTU on all six burners.  Viking's grill is 18,000.  The Dacor doesn't feature a grill, which for me is just as well.  As far as the simmer temp, I haven't heard anyone unhappy with the Dacor.  I don't expect to be simmering any dollar bills, as they advertise.

I think all of these professional-model ranges preform well.  They all have special features, i.e., the Thermador has an impressive simmer burner, but its small oven doesn't have a window, nor is it convection.  And, the window on the large oven is very small. 

I hope to have my Dacor in about six months. 

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We have a Dacor and SO (the resident cook) loves it. However, we do need a simmer plate to simmer. Comes with the stove and we haven't found it to be an issue, but I thought I'd mentin it just to complete the picture. We have the 36" (6 burners, comes with a griddle to put over 2 burners if you're so inclined).

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I too love my 4 month old 36" Dacor cooktop.  I got the Epicure model.  We really like the sealed burners for cleaning ease.  One of the brands I looked at (I thought it was Viking?) had  a pull out pan underneath the burners where all the spilled stuff dripped in to.  I found that to be a big draw back.  To me the Theramdor's looked poorly made.  The customer service I have received from Dacor has been outstanding.  They even had a rep from the store come out to the house after the appliances (cooktop, warming drawer and oven) had been installed to go over some of the features.

One other bragging right the Dacor cooktop has is they claim it's the only one in the industry that maintains it's 15,000 BTU's after conversion to LP gas.  I had to go with LP because I did not have gas available on our property.

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I've had the Dacor 36" Epicure Dual-Fuel for LP for about 4 months.  I really like it but do have to comment on my own experience with customer service.  After I had only had it for about two weeks I experienced a problem with the oven during a dinner party.  The control panel started flashing an error code and beeping.  After 15 minutes or so we finally got it to behave and I was already done cooking by that point.  When I called customer service the next day all the rep could tell me was to shut it off at the circuit breaker and turn it back on after 15 minutes if it happened again.  She wouldn't do anything else.  And on top of that she was quite rude about it.  I got in touch with my contractor and had them handle it.  The local authorized service center ordered a new control panel but the problem never happened again so I didn't bother having them come out to install it.  I have heard good things about their service so I was a little surprised to have such a bad experience.  Otherwise, I'm quite happy with it.

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You gave me a good laugh...although I know it wasn't so funny at the time!  It's a sad state of affairs when good customer service has one amazed!  I am a customer support lead for a very large company's IT department.  The line about turning the circuit off and then on again reminds me of how our customers love to hear us ask them to reboot their computers to fix their problem!  I think I'm just fortunate to have an excellent dealership that I purchased my appliances from.

We got a 48" side by side Kitchen Aid fridge (sorry, SubZero was out of my price range).  It had a similar problem when it first arrived in its new home.  I heard beeping noises from the kitchen, searched around my new home's unfamiliar surroundings (you know, like where is the light switch kind of unfamiliar) until I found the source.  The noises were emulating from the inside of the fridge.  I tentativley opened it's door and it was flashing some message about not being cool enough and continually beeping.  Being the middle of the night and not feeling like pulling out the manual, I went back to bed.  It was OK in the morning and has been ever since.  I think it was just settling in.

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I've had a 36" Dacor cooktop and a Dacor Epicure wall oven for 18 months. The oven is great--no complaints. But if you want to do any real stir-frying, 15,000 BTU's is simply too little. When you toss the cabbage into the hot oil it should sizzle loudly! Thermador makes a wok unit with 24,000 or 26,000 BTU's (I forget which), but it costs a fortune for ONE burner that way. In addition, we've had to have a serviceman from the store 4-5 times, as burners will sit there and click but not light. I'm not necessarily endorsing Viking, as I have no experience with it.   

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There are a lot more comments about Vikings (and mine aren't very nice) in the thread posted Aug. 4 on Vikings v Wolf.