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The new Dacor PGM365  has the following BTU's:    (1)  Simmer sear 18,000-500 BTU's  1 Simmer Sear 12,500-400BTUs (1) Standard 12,500 BTU and (2) Standard 9,500BTU VERSUS the GE Monogram  (ZGU375NSDSS)  has:  (1) 15.0, (2) 12.0 (2) 10.5 BTU with all burners having simmer of 140 degrees.    I have never had a gas stove or cooktop and look very forward to it; however, is there a big or noticable difference in the amount of heat from a burner that is 18,000 btu's versus 15,000 btu's.  Would you notice the difference in cooking ability?  Also, would you notice a difference accordingly with the 9,500 btu's and the 10,500 btu's?  I certainly would think that the more BTU's the better the RANGE of heat, of course....for the most part.  Appreciate your replies asap........... thanks.............ANN

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Don't know about the BTU's (went to college too many years ago) but I love my Dacor cooktop!

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse.
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(post #54262, reply #4 of 13) said you loved your Dacor.  What model is it?   Is it a cooktop?   Does it have the "famous" easier to clean stainless steel...or so I am told.  Have you ever needed any service for it and if so, what was the problem and  were they quick to respond and also to correct the problem ... if you had one.  Thanks....Ann

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Mine is a model SGM365, and I suppose it has the "famous" easier to clean stainless steel, because it is a breeze to clean.  If I get a spill, I just wipe it up with a sponge, and about once every month or two, I take all the grates, etc., off and wash them in soapy water.  I have had absolutely no problems with it.  Did have a problem with the vent (one of those which rises up from the counter behind the cooktop) but it was not a Dacor problem, rather a problem of poor installation by my idiot builder.  Still, Dacor not only corrected it, they told me they had a more powerful blower out and they replaced mine with it, no charge. 

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse.
Lily Tomlin

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How long have you had your Dacor?  That was fantastic that Dacor replaced your blower unit free of charge.     Thanks for the input.     Ann

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We had it installed when we bought our home, to replace the builder-installed POC that was in here when we saw it.  Also had Dacor wall ovens and an Asko dishwasher installed to replace the builder stuff.  No problem with them, either, although the builder neglected to run the self-cleaning cycle on the wall ovens, as directed in the installation instructions, and the first time we ran it, the smell ran us out of the house.  We called Dacor, and they explained that it does that the first time it's used, which is why they suggest it be run as part of the installation process.  D'oh.  Can you understand why I refer to our builder as an idiot?

Edited because I realize I didn't really answer your question...we've been here about three years.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse.
Lily Tomlin

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Thanks MadMom...........................Perhaps no matter what brand I choose for the double ovens, I might ask the builder to run the self clean cycle or at least call their attention to that.            Ann

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Forgot to mention...........Went to see the new Dacor 36 in. cooktop yesterday.  They had it connected and I tried heating some water on it.  Seemed quite nice.  There are two burners which offer the new simmer mode and ONE of the burners (when on the low simmer) had a consistent clicking noise and the other did not; however, they said they had just installed it and hadn't "fine tuned" it yet.  Would you have a tendency to believe them .... since I am not familiar with cooking with gas?  All of the other burners were just fine.                   Thanks..............Ann

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I have the Dacor Epicure 36" stove -- I love it. We have had problems with the electric ignition/gas salamander broiler in the oven. Dacor has been terrific with service. If I were doing my kitchen again -- I would opt for ovens separate from cooktop. The logic of gas cooktop is obvious. But gas and electricity in the oven space ...can be trickier than salespeople will tell you.

Yes, it is easy to keep clean. The trick is to keep it clean -- wipe up the spill (they can sometimes be hard to see on the black enamel) as soon as you can

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Thanks for your response.  Sorry to hear of your problem with your stove but glad to hear that your service has been great.     Ann

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glad to hear that you are happy with the service and the range overall. i am getting the 36 epicure. :)

welcome to CT by the way!

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Apparently, the broiler ignition problem is very common.  Mine just went out too just inside of the warranty and the repair man told me that they seemed to fail about every two years.  He said Dacor has been good about replacing them even when the warranty has expired.  That is the only problem I have had with mine so far.



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Its not as much the amount of BTU's, It is where they are going...Most (all?) sealed burners have the flame going at almost horizontal and all they do is burn the outside edge of the pan. See if you can find one where the distributor has one that is operable and take a big saute pan with a 1/4" of water in it and see where it gets hot. You will be surprised.

I had to make a new head from scratch to get a halfway suitable burner for high heat. Not everyone has metal working equipment, so beware....


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I have the Dacor Epicure with $x 15,000 btu's.  I wouldn't mind more, certainly wouldn't want less. This is my first experience with gas and I love it but 18,000 would get my vote,especially for saute and stirfry.