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Dacor dual fuel range

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I am in the process of looking for a new range. I am interested in the 30 inch Dacor dual fuel range. Has anyone had any experience with this product?

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Janet, I have a friend who loves hers, so far. Of course, she's only had it about a month or 2.

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I have one. In general it is great. Cleans easily, great heat, oven is wonderful. I wanted the Dacor because you can fit larger pans on the burners. The problem is when you use smaller pans, say a quart and quart and a half saucepan,it is hard to get the flame low enough that it doesn't curl around the sides of the pan.

I don't like the digital controls for the timer and oven temperature. When you set the timer you have to press and press the pad because for the first 10 minutes of time it increases by increments of 10 seconds or so. Pain in the neck, but I love having two timers, use them frequently.

I bought the cookie sheets and use them all the time. It's great being able to cook a whole batch of cookies at once. I also have the griddle and we use that frequently as well. I would like to have the grill, but haven't felt like spending the extra $150.