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Cuisinart 7 qt. stand mixer

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I bought a 7 qt Cuisinart stand mixer about 4 years ago because of the deep bowl.  I just loved it.  It now needs repair and the Cuisinart company said I have to pay to send it back, pay for the repairs and pay to have it sent back to me!  

My question is - can anyone recommend a  high quality 7 qt stand mixer?  I bake all my own breads etc.  At a $400 price tag for four years is a little expensive especially when a company doesn't stand by their product.  I don't like Kitchenaid because the gears are made of plastic.


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Well, you got the answer (post #70916, reply #1 of 3)

Well, you got the answer about the Cuisinart. Do the "plastic" gears in the KA Pro or above fail? Other KAs have metal gears and people complain about them being noisy. What is that you want?

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KA Pro (post #70916, reply #2 of 3)

I've had a KA Pro and the gears went bad on it.  They sent a replacement and the same thing happened.

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There are others that do not (post #70916, reply #3 of 3)

There are others that do not have plastic gears because people complain about how loud the metal gears are.