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Costco Stainless cooking pots - All C...

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Has anybody seen this set at Costco? It looks and feels just like All Clad, very heavy, 18/10 Stainless, good rivets, same three ply construction, and the price, just $200.00 for eleven pieces.

I currently own a set of All Clad stainless but this set seems like a great deal. I bought a set as a gift for my uncle and it is just working out great.

Costco also a Caphalon copy and it also seems very good and priced very well. Opinions?

PS. Costco also has a pair of non stick frying pans, Wear Ever, for about $20. 8" and 12". Thick heavy aluminum with riveted handles. Not a bad price for this quality and disposable when the non-stick wears off.

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Year before last I got the Calphalon knock-off at Sam's for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE it--$200 for 14 pieces (lids count, of course!)Even a huge skillet (not coated), wok, 8qt. stockpot with pasta insert (I know, Chiff-- worthless but "free"). Has a non-stick interior that is nearly indestructible in my use--have used metal whisks with no problem. It is just a tremendous buy. Also, Sam's carries a Wearever "chicken fryer"--a deep skillet, non-stick coating that is very durable. I have had one for several years now and it is great also--$20. It is a very handy pan for lots of recipes.

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I bought the pair of small Wearever non stick fry pans and they are great for the price. The only downfall is the aluminum rivets. Food magnets. The pans are nice and heavy and the no-stick coating appears to be holding up well.