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cooktops-are all gas cooktops equal?

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Help! For the first time ever I am in the market for a gas cooktop. I saw many different kinds,and cannot see a great difference between different brands. Does anyone love their range?Please help me-is a Dacor as good as a Viking as good as a Thermador, as good as GE?


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The cooktop you choose should be determined by how many BTU's you need. If you do oriental cooking and use a true wok (rounded bottom), you will need a great deal of BTU's. (God I miss my gas stove.) If you don't need all that firepower, your choices will include many of the non-commercial brands of gas cooktops.

Do some research and once you weed out the cooktops that look like %&$* and those of blow torch capacity (if you don't need that strength), you will narrow down the field.

Visit some websites like Viking, Jenn-Air, etc. I believe Westinghouse now carries a stainless steel line which will look great.

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I have a four burner Jen-Air that was not bery expensive and works great. It has one burner with signficantly higher BTU's for boiling, stir fying etc. I got it at something call Applinace World-it sells the lowest to the highest grade of appliances.