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Cleaning Dacor Range

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I know a couple of others here have Dacor ranges/cooktops and might have some cleaning advice.  I got my Dacor about 7 or 8 months ago and have been doing basic cleaning of the burner area with a MysticMaid cloth I got from Sur La Table.  It's a cloth made of some kind of special fibers that works well without cleaning agents.  You just wet the cloth, wring it out, and wipe down a surface.  However, I'm starting to get some build up of cooked on spills that are more difficult to get off.  I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good method for periodic cleaning that will remove these?  I'm thinking of trying oven cleaner but am not sure if that will damage the surface.  Thanks in advance...


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Gary - I've never used anything really fancy...just spray on Orange Clean or 409 or whatever and wipe off the spills.  I think the key is to keep any spills cleaned up before they really burn on.  If they have gone too far, you might try Barkeeper's Friend, but be careful not to scratch the surface.

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Thanks, MadMom.  I think BarKeeper's Friend might scratch it but I'll give another all-purpose type cleaner a try.


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 Dacor included in the box with our range a bottle of their ceran cleaner.  We don't have ceran, but I've used it once and it worked just great. 

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Careful with that Ceran stuff on stainless, I had it tucked away at the back of my cabinet.  Not tucked enough i guess, the cleaning lady found it, used it and scratched the hell out of my cooktop.  Needless to say, I was not amused and no longer have a cleaning lady.

I use an orange cleaner, let it soak in a while then wipe it up.  Also use an old toothbrush and a little Vim around the burners where it tends to get discoloured.

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After reading the posts I am getting the impression that this is a stainless steel top.  Baking soda and a toothbrush are a good stainless cleaner.  0000 steel wool ought to be okay as a "scrubber" also since you can use it on wood.


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Oh, sorry--I should have been clearer about that.  The range is stainless steel but the top is a black material of some sort--I assume painted metal.  In general it cleans very easily but occasionally you get some residue that doesn't show very much but is difficult to get off.