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Chocolate tempering machine

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I've been thinking more and more about buying one, mostly because it would cut down on the time it takes me to make my chocolates. The problem is finding out what brands are out there, what brands are the best, and, ideally, is there anywhere I can pick one up used?

I'm looking for something that can handle a 5 kg. block, ideally that comes with multiple bowl inserts so I can switch chocolate types easily. This rules out the made-for-home-use models like the Sinsation. I found something called the Revelation X Temperer that seems to fit the bill, but bought new it's rather pricey.

Any ideas anyone? Leads? Thoughts?

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Here's a model that is less expensive than the Revelation X.  Looks like you can order extra bowls.  Maybe it's not big enough--says 8.5 lbs.  But, hey, it's $700, not 2000.

Cheaper still here:

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Thanks for the link. That sounds like a good deal. They have a nice assortment of boxes too.