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Cast Iron Cookware

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I have Nordic Ware brand cast iron pans. They have a black coating which is coming off with use. Does anyone know what this coating is? I guess we're eating it every time I cook in the pans.

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Darlene, I am not going to say you don't have cast iron cookware but I have never heard of a coating on this type cookware. Cast iron cookware darkens with use, which makes it better to cook with, and cannot be flaked off. It sounds as though you have steel or aluminum cookware with a non-stick coating that is coming off. It shouldn't hurt to use it--you should see some of mine. Goodluck

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It could be that the seasoning on your pan is coming off. You can just reseason the pan. Make sure it is dry and rub vegetable oil all over the pan using a paper towel. When you have a thin coat all over the pan put it in a 350 degree oven for about 30min. All of the remaining oils should burn off in the oven and create a coating on the pan that will protect it from rust and provide somewhat of a non-stick surface.

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Both ideas could be correct but many brands including Creuset put a thin matte black porcelain glaze over cast iron (although not Lodge, Wagner or any Amercian made brands to my knowledge). It develops a seasoning like raw iron but prevents rust and food reaction.
Years ago, before the glissemail interiors, Creuset also did their skillets the same way.
I've not heard of Nordic Ware cast iron but certainly dark aluminum with non-stick and peeling is a definite possibility.

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Darlene: Are you getting actual flakes of the lining of the pan coming off in your food or is your food being "colored" by the cast iron; such as a gray tinge to your potatoes? BTW, how old is your cast iron?