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Cameron's Stovetop Smoker-Opinions please

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I was wondering if anyone out there has tried the Cameron Stovetop Smokers. They are stainless steel boxes into which you would put the wood shavings into the bottom part, your food to be smoked, secure the cover and place on the stove burner.
Marsha K.

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ONe of my kids bought me one (post #68696, reply #1 of 1)

ONe of my kids bought me one several years ago...I thought at the time, what a waste of storage space, I'll never use it. WRONG - use it all the time. REally easy to use and very effective. I even use it in the summer time to keep from firing up the big smoker or grill to do a small job. I smoke scallops , shrimp and other seafood...pork chops, turkey cutlets...all kinds of meat.

But my favorite is Smoked Tomato Butter...simply a wonderful garnish for seafood.