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Built in indoor gas grills

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a gas grill for a kitchen counter. I would like one with lava rock, high BTUs, using LP gas, not too small. I would prefer updraft to down. Thermador used to make one up until 3 years ago but I've been told it has been discontinued for indoor use and is now rated for outdoor use only. I think it was called a charbroiler. I'm groggy from searching websites si any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Jackie: I had the Thermador of which you speak for several years and really disliked it, but not quite enough to throw it away, given it's cost. I now have one made by Cecilware of Florida for restaurant use and I love it. It will get just about as hot as you can imagine, uses lava rocks, burns LP gas, and the grilling area is 24" x 15". The grill can be had from Superior Products, a large restaurant supply house serving the whole country from several locations. They can be reached at 1 800 328 9800 or at their web site Catalog number for the grill is7-C-636 and is now at a reduced price from the time of my purchase. $440 plus freight puts it in your kitchen. By the way, you and everyone who is serious about cooking needs their catalog. Hope this all helps, Bill. P.S.: You must provide a vent, as it does not have a built in one like some, which is to me a virtue. A plain old-fashioned range hood is great.