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Blade Safe

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Blade Safe (post #53997)

We're off on an early vacation come Wednesday, and we'll be staying in B&B's and cottages, both with full kitchens. This of course means that we'll be doing a lot of cooking, which means that we will be bringing some of our knives with us. I just picked up a couple of Forschner's Blade Safes, and I must say they are great things to have. Durable plastic clamshell with locking tabs and rubber tabs to lock down the blade. Ultimate protection for the Globals we'll be taking! The medium sized one cost only $3.10. Certainly the best way to carry knives around for traveling.

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Where did (can) you find them? Sure wish I'd seen this message before I d a m n e d near sliced off my left middle finger yesterday, through a combination of carelessness and clutter. The darn thing bled HARD for an hour and 15 minutes. I almost thought I was going into shock; it was creepy.

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I bought several of these at Sur la Table for exactly the same purpose.  We use them to transport our knives when traveling somewhere we expect to be cooking.  I generally like them very much but have one minor complaint about the 10" version.  It isn't quite long enough for my Henckels so the very tip will stick out if I'm not careful to fit it in perfectly.

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I got mine from Surfas, the mege-restaurant supply store in Culver City. Perhaps a bit far for you South Coasters, but you can see the very thing I bought here:

Great product, and I'll never travel with an edge guard only for the knives.