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Aga Cooker

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I'm looking to buy a used 4 oven Aga Cooker. I would like to know more from owners also. Please contact me. or Join discussion at

It is a message board with out any ties to Aga Inc. I have already checked out for refurbished models. Also, does anyone know of any Certified Aga Service Technicians?

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I happened to see one of these stoves on a home tour today. It's amazing how much heat radiates from the burners when the stove is not in use. It happened to be very comfortable in the South today (78 degrees f.) and that kitchen was HOT! I would hate to imagine how uncomfortable it would be on a 95 degree day, which is pretty common here in July and August.

Not that I ever thought about buying one, but am glad I was able to see for myself that the 'always on' burners aren't so practical.

Are you sure you want one?

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I saw one in a showroom while visiting a friend in Fredericksburg, Texas. It was very warm and the salesman said that they had to build a special room for it with it's own air conditioner. If you live in Alaska this might be a great choice but otherwise you might want to think twice.