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You won't believe THIS--

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Michelle Obama is going to appear in an episode of the irredeemable Paula's Party. Will this help her husband in the polls, or hurt? The show is a complete train wreck, IMO. It probably won't matter one way or another, but still....

Another thought -- will Sarah Palin's husband do a counter appearance on Sandra Lee's show? I don't watch enough of the Food Network to know of anyone worse, but anything's possible.

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OMG - I'm speechless.

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Yes, that was my initial reaction. I was half asleep and flipping through channels -- you don't suppose I was mistaken? That would be a real relief.

Will have to go to the Food Network website and see what's scheduled.

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McCain and his wife I understand appeared on Rachel Ray yesterday but I didn't see it.

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It is a train wreck to you and me. It is REVERED by many others. This is electioneering by talk show. Letterman, SNL, etc. No harm for sure, because she is a classy lady.


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But Paula is so utterly awful, that I think it almost a crime.

I couldn't find a thing on the website but I googled, and the appearance will be on September 20.

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I couldn't  agree with you more, but we are VERY much in the minority. She reaches people that Obama NEEDS to reach. It isn't about cookin'. It is about politicking. It's about personality.

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It is REVERED by many others.

ITA.  I think it's a smart move.  Millions of women adore Paula and watch the show.

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Is Paula's Party Paula Deen? I don't watch t.v. at all (except football games). Once DH was watching a cooking show (no idea who it was) the night before Thanksgiving, and was horrified because the "chef" purchased a pumpkin pie at the grocery store bakery rather than bake his own. I am really not into the celebrity chefs, who I think are more celebrity than chef.

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Yep, it's Paula Deen. The Food Network used to be about cooking in its earlier years but now it's more about so-called entertainment.

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I know many here do not care for the show, but that is brilliant strategy for the campaign. If you're trying to shake an "elitist" label, that is about the most down-home campaign stop you can make. And it's not like Paula's going to do anything but gush over her.

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I know, I know, and Paula will cackle, too. I hate politics AND the Food Network.

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Brilliant move, but I am not watching it :)

Of course the move isn't directed at "me".

Michelle will hit it out of the park...I just love her. I wish she was running.

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

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I'm sure Michelle is up to the challenge of Paula Deen, but what an awful thing it is to be a politician. That said, I mistrust anyone who runs for high office nowadays.

I can't watch the show, in any case. It is totally sickening, but you are all right, I'm sure, that the Obama campaign is going for a certain demographic with Deen.

I have a weak stomach for this sort of thing and it hasn't improved over the years. :(

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Sally faints

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You faint with excellent reason and much grace, I'm sure. :)

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somehow, when Sally does it, I insert the word 'swooning'.  Just seems more Sally.

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And, she doesn't have very far to go!  ;o)