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What to do with FC Back Issues?

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Hello People.

I am cleaning up my basement full of boxes of stuff and debris, and I am trying to decide what to do with things.  One thing I wonder what to do with is some old issues of Fine Cooking.  Sitting here beside me, I have Issues 1 to 5, for example.  Should I sell them on ebay, or is there a better way to get them somewhere they would be wanted? 


Any thoughts on the best route?

(PS- This forum seems much quieter than I remember from years gone by.)

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back issues (post #71642, reply #1 of 7)

Hey BNSF, I think ebay is a good bet-- some of the very first issues were quite valuable for a while.  Craigslist is another possibility, especially if you are in a bigger city.

Yes, the forum is very quiet-- we were just waiting for you to come by and liven things up ;)

Cheers, Jen

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Back issues of Fine Cooking (post #71642, reply #2 of 7)

I have back issues from 2005!  Needless to say, I am running out of space.  I do not want to throw them out as I am often searching for a favorite recipe.  I have thought of going through all of them and cutting out my favorites and making a scrapbook.  What do others do?    I can't  be the only one with so many back issues, or am I just a pack rat ?


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back issues (post #71642, reply #3 of 7)

Hi Josie!

Ha, you are not the worst pack rat here-- I have all the issues back to issue #1! The issues are fairly thin, so they don't take up too much space. I find that having a subscription to the website, I don't really need to leaf through my back issues, so they sit in a box in the attic!

Sorry, but box-in-the-attic is my best answer! Have you been cooking anything great from these back issues?

Cheers, Jen

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Back Issues (post #71642, reply #4 of 7)

I guess we are all in the same "box-in-attic" and I have wanted to donate mine to a friend because I have the DVD's which I must update for the past couple of years.  Good solution for keeping your favorites in order and not the work of scrapbooking.

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Quiet here (post #71642, reply #5 of 7)

Is a little quiet, but not cluttered with useless information. 

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What to do with FC Back Issues? (post #71642) (post #71642, reply #6 of 7)

I've just gone through this very same exercise.  Got rid of hundreds of magazines, Fine Cooking among them.  Had issues going back to 1993 .... A shame to put them to the curb (recycling here in Canada), but I really had no other option. How long can one hang onto stuff?  Mind you I kept the last 2 years.  Just gotta clean up the stuff, it takes up valuable real estate in the house.

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wow! (post #71642, reply #7 of 7)

That's an impressive amount of recycling! In my hometown, the local thrift resale store (a Goodwill) sells back issues of magazines-- it's a great way to pick up new-to-me content. Interesting that you would keep recent issues-- did you like the redesign? I thought it was good, but I like the post-Laurie Buckle issues even better-- so much more readable.

Cheers, Jen