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Tried and True

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I am in the corner, face covered, deeply ashamed. I looked for and couldn't find the rules for Tried and True. I will delete myself from there (and hope I survive).

Thanks Adele. Where would I have found the rules had I been able to find them?

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I deleted as well. My apologies to everyone :(

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Rules? You mean there are rules here? It's more of a tradition that that if a recipe appeals in another thread then somebody proposes it for T&T, if three people agree then you can post it there. Once it is there posts should be limited to comments about the recipe (no tangents!).

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

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Ah, tradition!!

OK, where are the traditions posted? ;-)

So, I love this lemon cake, even with the icing. I would like to put it forward for inclusion in the Tried and True Folder.

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Shame on me, I never looked at your food styling blog before.  Great ideas, great credentials, good for you!

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Thanks!! It hasn't been updated in ages - I need my computer friend to help me make a few changes...

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I second your motion, if it includes your suggestion regarding the frosting :)

A third from anyone? Bueller?

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Okay, I didn't know there were rules for T&T either, but I think that I haven't broken them (yet).

I have a different question for you (since this is the Kvetch forum and anything goes--tangents included, right?). I went to your blogspot to check out the food styling. I may need help with that, soon. DD is in a local "Jack-in-the-Box" (meaning middle school kids and younger) production of "Aladdin" (the play, not musical). They are going to need "food props," and I was the only parent brave enough to sign up for that. I figured that I could get help here at CT. I'm not sure what exactly will be needed (the play is mid-February) just yet, but I'm hoping I'll find advice here. Any other websites I should check out? Thanks.

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I'd be happy to help with ideas for the food props. Email me!

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Thank you so much for the offer! When I find out what I need, I will get in touch. I really appreciate it!