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Suggestions Please

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My DGD will be 7 next month.  I saved all of my DD's Barbie dolls and clothes and plan on giving them to her on her birthday.  I've been ironing for days and have a lot of small repairs to make (the girls played with this stuff for years), but I'm having a great time doing it.  I had forgotten how fantastic these clothes are.  I had hand knit a number of sweaters (some with matching skirts and hats), and my mother, whose lexicon didn't include the word "restraint" when it came to her granddaughters, bought a lot of things from a dressmakers who used to make Barbie clothes out of gorgeous scraps of fabric and real fur.  There are evening gowns with fringed stoles or matching coats (some fur trimmed) in satins and brocades, silk pajamas, satin nightgowns with chiffon peignoirs, a mink stole, a shearling jacket, a white rabbit ski jacket with hot pink stretch pants (the outfit includes a turtleneck sweater, ski boots, skis with bindings and poles-- all intact), hostess outfits (my favorite is leopard print toreador pants with a sweeping apricot taffeta coatdress which ties at the waist, is open in the front, floor length in the back with a stand-up collar and all trimmed in leopard -- very Zsa Zsa Gabor), suits and coats with tiny buttons, beach clothes, a Burberry type car coat with tiny wooden barrel buttons and plaid lining, swanky cocktail dresses and coats (some beaded and sequined), and much more.  Poor Ken appears to have gotten short shrift and doesn't have much, but his tux with satin lapels and the pin-tucked shirt with pearl studs are very elegant; but, I digress.

My question is, can anyone come up with a clever way to package all of this together in a reusable storage container?  All I can think of is one of those plastic storage thingies with handles from the Container Store and pretty tissue.   

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You sound like a great grandmother.  My poor DGDs had tons of Barbies, but their grandmother (that would be me) wasn't that big on making clothes.  Besides, the first thing they would do would be to take off the clothes and play with the naked Barbies in the tub.  I don't think there is much that The AntiCook can save for future grandchildren...unless they're into Naked Barbies.

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They're darling!  I'll check out sizes. 

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That Barbie wardrobe sounds fabulous! I wish I had clothes like that. A white fur ski jacket ... sign me up!

Lucky granddaughter!

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Me too!  Barbie was quite the fashion plate and definitely dressed better than anyone I knew.  I've really been having fun looking at all of this stuff.  I found tiny purses with working clasps, shoes, boots, a straw beach bag, fringed terry beach towels, monogramed terry robes, sun dresses -- I'm amazed at how much survived.  Some of it is unfortunately beyond repair, but I'll use the little snaps and buttons to replace the ones that are missing.  Ugh -- I HATE sewing.

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What a fabulous gift!

So for storage:

A fancy hatbox?

A nice wooden box lined with some gorgeous fabric scraps

One of those neat storage boxes from Target? ($16.99)Lacqeur Box

Or this chest? On clearance for $35.99

Isaac Mizrahi Leather Chest


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Never thought of a hat box.  I happen to have a large oval one that I could cover with snazzy paper.

A wooden chest is worth looking into.  I know a lady who hand paints little tables and chairs as well as toy chests.  I'll give her a call and check it out.

The Target box is another good idea.  It could also be covered with something pretty. 

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You're a splendid grandmother and the gift should be much appreciated.


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Again, Tuesday Morning has beautiful "hat boxes". Do you have one in Chicago?


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I've never heard of one here, but I'll check their website.  Perhaps there is one in the suburbs.  Buying one would be much easier than cutting and pasting.

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other ideas

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Great websites!  Thanks! 

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I was thinking the same thing as dlish suggested. Tuesday Morning has beautiful ones with lovely different paper covers. 


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I would wait and give them to her when she is 30. Then she will appreciate them.....LOL

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The purpose of Art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls

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Really! I saved her mom's doll house furniture and gave it all to her last year when DD bought her a doll house.  Guess who has had the most fun playing with the doll house?  DD and I love to rearrange the furniture (DGD knows instantly if anything has been touched, which is kind of scary in a 6-year old; I fear she may have my compulsive neatness gene).  We were all at DDs this past Christmas and both of my girls disappeared.  I finally went looking for them and found them playing with the doll house, giggling and arguing over what belongs where the way they did when they were little girls.  Made me get all misty eyed.

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My mom gave my niece all of my sister's and my old baby doll clothes all folded in tissue in a pink cardboard suitcase she found with all the hat type boxes at Tuesday Morning.

And I want that wardrobe...for me!

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Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

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I'll bet your niece loved it.  Is this the same one who christened Ping Pong Pasta?

Gretchen suggested a hat box from Tuesday Morning, and I discovered that there are 2 stores not too far from here.  I'm going to drive over and see what they have.

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Is this the same one who christened Ping Pong Pasta?

The same. She is truly a hoot and she is going to be major trouble as she gets older. Whip smart and just as witty, she is a handful. She is 7 and she now has hot pink braces.

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor

Bobby Flay

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

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LOL -- she sounds like my DGD.  She has always been a hands-on kind of kid.  There's never a dull moment when she's around!