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State flowers for the Fourth

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Hope this link works, this is kinda cool


Happy Fourth of July!

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I love the JL website, thanks to Jean. I send those ecards a lot. I particularly like the Chuzley(?) cards.

But...she forgot the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico....and the other protectorates, like Guam. Is Guam still a protectorate?

And the other 800 military bases around the world!

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I learned about it from Jean, too, and I use it a lot.

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That's cool!

Sometimes I wonder--why is that Frisbee getting bigger?--and then it hits me.

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Beautiful!  Count me as one of the many fans of JL.

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I should have known that CTers are up on everything, I'd never heard of the site before.

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This is a great website for all sorts of cards and well worth the few dollars a year to belong.

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It's a wonderful site.  I send random cards to my Mom once a week.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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I love JL cards, and have been a member for about five or six years now, but I keep forgetting! That is one very cool card for the 4th. I've just sent it to my US relatives. Thanks, OP!

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That's a special thing to do for your mom, Adele. You're a good daughter. :)

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Me too. I've had a membership for more than 4 years now, all my friends back home more or less expect their Bday to be from Jacquie

she is amazing!



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