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some travel advice

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I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with claims with travel insurance.    Plans were to fly to Dallas tomorrow, surprise my sister who would be traveling from Denver to Dallas with my niece.  My niece is attending a business conference, my sister and I would play during the day and we would go to various activities (all with non-refundable tickets) in the evenings.  We planned to be in Dallas until next Tuesday.  I never get travel insurance but I did this time. 

My sister had a cold, went to the doctor today and has a double ear infection and her doctor said she absolutely cannot make the trip. 

I am undecided.  How difficult is it going to  be to get a reimbursed for the trip? I did read that the trip insurance won't cover more than the cost of the trip.  I have a package air/hotel ticket.  I think that means that I would need to absorb the cost for the tickets for all the events.  

My sister is so disappointed.  They have been planning this trip far longer than I have.  I don't know what to do.  The insurance is with Travelocity. The fine print seems to say that I have to share the room with someone and I do have a separate room.   If it is a huge trial being reimbursed, I would probably just go anyway but staying home is sounding like a solution also.  I think my niece is going regardless as she has probably paid big bucks to attend the conference.   

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks so much!

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I think it will be VERY iffy for your sister, and non-existent for you to collect. You cannot claim on her illness ever never.

I see you say the insurance is with Travelocity. I think you are still on the hook--but the only way to know is to call them.

I will bet it might be possible to re-book, but I will be amazed if you get cash money back.


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You haven't a hope of a claim, especially as you weren't even traveling together and you could still go if you wanted, i.e. cancelling the trip is optional, not necessary. Your sister has a good chance of a successful claim as it was a medical condition which could not have been foreseen

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Age is unimportant unless you’re a cheese.

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have fun in Dallas :-)

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I booked tickets on Expedia for my DSIL to fly from Cincinnati to New Orleans and for me to fly from RDU to Cincinnati.  When they cancelled DGD's surgery, I called, and Delta offered to rebook with no rebooking fee.  Didn't get any money back, but didn't expect any.  You might want to go ahead and go.

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