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Snicker for the day

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My New Yorker calendar has a funny cartoon today. A woman sitting at a table in a restaurant beckons the waiter to say, as she points at her meal:

" Excuse me--I think there's something wrong with this in a tiny way that no one other than me would ever be able to pinpoint."

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"this, in a tiny way", then I get it?


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Thanks, corrected.

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When I saw, "Snicker", I was sure it was the news story about the California assemblyman who ran on family values, who didnt know his mic was on and was talking in details about his extramarital sex with two young women. What is it with these family value guys and scandal? Is the Family Values platform like a reaction to their true selves... kind of like "the lady doth protest too much" ?

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The "Family Values" plank is just a means to get elected for many politicians.  The Republican Party was dying before they cynically hooked up with the Religious Right.