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Hello all,

Whew, it was a bit of a task to get here. A quick question if I may. Will be leaving for work in a few hours - going to NYC. Have all day there tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on a cooking store in Manhatten. Our hotel is kiddie corner (more or less) to the Chrysler building.



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Hey Peter... I've never been there, but the Broadway Panhandler is supposed to be just fantastic... I don't have the address but I'm sure you can look it up in the yellow pages or call information.


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I second the vote for Broadway Panhandler, Fantastic collection. The neighborhood is pretty cool too if you are dragging along any non-cooks.

Go uptown for some fantastic food stores, like Zabar's, Fairway or Citronelle, just for the eye candy.

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Broadway Panhandler is good but not extraordinary, but it depends on what you're searching for. They tend to have large gaps in their inventory in sizes etc. You're in the 'hood anyway so don't forget Dean & Deluca. Not as brilliant as the old store (sigh) but they did have some items I was searching for last time. You know where Bridge is don't you?

And when you're parched, as one gets when shopping, go to Balthazar (you're in Soho anyway) and have a glass of bubbly for me. Just be sure you find out which one they're pouring before you drink several glasses at $20 a pop!

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Bridge Kitchenware is great. They're midtown on the east side - I forget the address.

For food go to Zabar's - Broadway and something like 80th Street.

And while you're there, stop in H&H bagels, just down the street. Ask for whatever's still hot. Eat it on the way out of the store.

For chocolate (now that I've converted you :-) go to la Maison du Chocolat. Pricey, but worth it. If memory serves, they're on Madison between 78th and 79th.

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N.y. Cake & Baking Distrubutor--used to be on W. 22nd--think they may have moved

J.B. Prince--East 31st St

For wonderful multi-national foods-Kalustyan --in the 20's and Fauchon --on Madison, I think.

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