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Send good vibes my way

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I know we had a thread about this a few months back but I couldn't find it. Layoffs at my company are looming larger, and it's very worrisome. Friday they sent out a notice that they are offering "voluntary" layoffs for the next week or so, you have to apply and they will decide by April 17. This is to be quickly followed by a voluntary early retirement phase. Once they see what these two invitations bring, then they will begin the involuntary layoffs. They said we should know if we are affected by June or July.

What's odd is that the voluntary package is the same meager package you get if you go unwillingly, plus you could place your unemployment benefits at risk by quitting. So I can't fathom why anyone would take that offer.

Stressful times, I know I am not alone among CT to be facing this and others are in worse straits. It's a bummer because my company is not losing money at all, but the CEO says Wall St wants our annual profits in the double digits, not 8-9 percent like they are now. So people must go to please Wall St. Sigh.

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Sad.  My DH and I are retired, so this downturn hasn't affected us that much, but I know so many people are hurting.  I keep hoping it will end soon and things will get back to normal, but I don't think we even know what normal is.

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It's nice that they are giving people a chance to go voluntarily. Some folks may have more options for other employment than others, or they may have other family members with decent income. It will be interesting to see how many people respond to the offer.

Best wishes to you that you can stay put.

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Good vibes headed your way.


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Sorry you also have to go through this Wall Street Investors Want Dividends horror. Not fair. You sound like a good, conscientious, smart and diplomatic worker. Is the President/CEO of the company taking a pay cut or being offered 'early retirement' as well?

The local news just stated that the Aer Lingus CEO just resigned and his leaving package is over 1 mil in change! The baggage handlers and ground crew get reduced hours and a pay cut. Times are tough.

What's wrong with this picture?

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Maybe he resigned before the company reduced the CEO perks-

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Maybe he resigned before the company reduced the CEO perks->>>

I don't know when the CEO resigned...he made the announcement today. The SIPTU (labor union) has been in negotiations with Aer Lingus for over one year now on one issue or another. Closing a Shannon-Heathrow daily flight in January 08, (the flight had been diverted to Belfast as part of the NI Peace Treaty neotiations) now the same flight has returned, but ground crew/flight crew, etc. take a tumble. This is probably more than you care to know.

There is just so much the proles are not privy to that it makes one cynical. And that I am.

I do hope kathy keeps gets to keep her job.

Be impeccable with your word. Don't take anything personally. Don't make assumptions. Do your best. Don Miguel Ruiz
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The very senior execs have taken a 5% pay cut, and the rest of us have a pay freeze. People have asked why they couldn't cut everyone's pay 5% and save some jobs but the big cheese said no. they really are out to shrink the company (but by how much they haven't said) to increase profits and stock price. And they're still paying out our bonuses this summer so I could get a bonus and a severance check at the same time.

My division's revenue grew by 20% last qtr compared to last year, but that won't shield us from cuts. They want to show Wall St that the costs line on the budget sheet is lower. At least my stock value could go up. But it's not the economy behind this, that's what's so frustrating.

My dept could easily be outsourced, although to have an agency do all that we do would cost $1-2 million more. But no benefits to be paid, no 401 matches to be made, so who knows how they will look at it.

There's nothing I can do to affect the outcome that's the hardest part. Just save every penny I can.

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Kathy, I'm so sorry to hear this! I'm hoping for the best for you.

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Thanks Heather and to everyone. You'd be surprised how much it helps to hear that. I love CT.

And I pray that Syrah and the others who are looking for work get a new job very very soon!

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All the best and you might read your favorite personal quote-  it's true.  Rich

It's not what you say or what you do- it's how you make people feel

We did what we did when we knew what we knew, now that we know better, we should do the better thing.   Maya Angelou

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Here's hoping for the best for ya.

I've been unemployed since December 14th, after 24 straight years of working steadily. It's been kind of hard to adjust to.

But - I'm making the best of it. Like right now I'm hanging at my GF's house - Been here since Friday, and am staying until Wednesday.

Got some stuff done around the house that I've been meaning to do for several years. (painting and such) And of course I've tried some new cooking that I may not have tried otherwise.

If you do end up getting laid off I hope you can do something similar.

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Kathy, all the best vibes I can conjure from north of 49 are heading your way. My son is due for a layoff in June, and I'm very, very nervous about what that's going to mean for him. This whole situation sucks and that's about as polite as I can get.

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Good vibes coming your way.



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So today is the day they are laying people off at my "branch" of the company and I am soooo happy to report that I am not affected by this "scaling of the company." What a relief!

Thank you all for your positive words and thoughts, I am just so happy to keep my job and even more important, keep my health insurance.


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Excellent! so sorry you had to wait so long to find out.

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Congratulations, I hope your luck holds out.


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Good to hear! 

"The elders were wise.  They knew that man's heart, away from nature, becomes hard; they knew that lack of respect for growing, living things, soon led to lack of respect for humans, too."  Chief Luther Standing Bear, Lakota Sioux

"The elders were wise.  They knew that man's heart, away from nature, becomes hard; they knew that lack of respect for growing, living things, soon led to lack of respect for humans, too."  Chief Luther Standing Bear, Lakota Sioux

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Whoooopie! Great news!

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I am really just feeling happier and happier about it as the day goes on.

Since the beginning of the year, at my locale, they've cut 26 percent of the jobs. The majority were long-planned layoffs in manufacturing but still, that's a lot of jobs. I am a survivor!

Surprising to me was that today's cuts hit the R&D and related Science/Technology depts. I would have thought Marketing would have been hit harder. So it's a big relief.

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Nice to hear some good news for a change.

Sometimes I wonder--why is that Frisbee getting bigger?--and then it hits me.

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Gosh, I sure feel for that 26%. I hope this is the end of the cuts.

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It's good to hear your news, and I'm delighted for you.

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Congratulations....I'm so glad that you kept your position. Layoffs are so hard!

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Thank you Cosmo!

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Not to highjack your thread, but....I'm planning a vacation for September to Medocino and Sonoma...We've gone for the past two years -- flying out through Oakland and SF....I've heard that Sacramento might be just as easy to fly in and out of...Do you know if that's true? Or, would you recommend that we fly into Oakland again? Is it worth staying for a couple of days near sacramento and visiting the sierra foothills? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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I think flying into Oakland is much easier than SFO. It's been a long time (15 yr) since I flew in/out of Sacramento, and I'm sure the airport has grown quite a lot since then,  but I expect it would be similar in ease to flying into Oakland. Not sure what kind of flight availability it has though. But if you don't plan to spend any time at all in the Bay Area, you could just avoid it entirely.

Another possibility is to try to fly straight to the Sonoma County airport (on the northern outskirts of Santa Rosa. You'd have to get a flight on Horizon to do that (not sure where you are coming from) but they have a few connecting flights daily from LA and from Las Vegas. Then you'd be just a short hop to Sonoma or Mendo.

But if you want to explore the Sierra foothills (and bypass the Bay Area) then Sacto would be your best bet. Or fly into Reno, but then that would be a very long trek for your departure home. I've not spent much time in the foothills but Sept/Oct would be a stunning time to go. Jackson is very pretty. I highly recommend continuing up from there into Alpine County--at that time of year it would be stunning with the golden aspens and the mountains. You could stay at Sorenson's, visit Caples and Spring lakes, head over to Markleeville and Grover Hots Springs State Park (yes there are hot springs too). It is just a very lovely area, higher altitude than the foothills. It would probably be about a 2-hour drive from Sacramento, perhaps 2.5.

Where are you staying in Sonoma and Mendo?

PS I guess the one caveat would be the fire season, which is in full swing in Sept/Oct, so I wouldn't want to be in the foothills then if there is a major fire going on in the mountains. No way to predict, of course.

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We won't be spending any time in SF....We're planning for 4 nights in Sonoma and 3 in Mendocino....So, we were thinking of flying into Sacramento to see if it's easier than Oakland...My plan is to definitely avoid the SF airport....We did that once and we almost missed our flight!! However, ultimately, it may depend on where I can use my free flights (I have two flights via Southwest)..In Sonoma, we'll be staying in Healdsburg and in Mendocino, we're actually going to stay in Fort Bragg (which I understand is really close)....

We may spend a day on the way home in Old Sacramento -- just walking around...It sounds as if the foothills are a bit out of the way...We'll be in Sonoma for the first week of September...Unfortunately, labor day is at an unusual time this year -- we usually go on vacation after labor day, so I don't know if it will be more crowded during that weekend that we're there...But, it's the weekend of Mazzoco's harvest picnic and, also, the weekend with the winery lunches (we're deciding which one to do!)....

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I think San Francisco would be much easier than either Oakland or Sacramento and it is definitely closer, but sounds like you're dead set against it. We almost always fly out of SFO so we're used to it.

Where are you starting your stay--Sonoma, Healdsburg or Mendocino? Do you have a route planned from Sacramento? The traffic can be dreadful, depending on the time of day.

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We had such a terrible experience flying out of SFO that I don't think we're open to repeating it....We did Oakland last time and we did find that easier...I had heard that traffic would be better from Sacramento, so, obviously, I have misinformation! We hadn't really planned the route yet....We'll be staying in Windsor to start and, then finishing the vacation in Mendocino...we thought, if we were flying through Sacramento, we might spend one day in Old Sacramento before we left....Any advice is really appreciated!!

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I have to say that traffic on I-80 from Sacramento down to the Fairfield area, where you would have to head west on 12 to reach Sonoma County, can be really heavy if it's a commute day (weekday). And Hiway 12 is just a two-lane road so it would probably take you about an hour from I-80 to make it to Windsor.

I don't think the drive from Oakland to Windsor is really any longer than SFO to Windsor. There is the Airporter bus you could take from either SFO or Oakland to the Sonoma County airport, and then rent your car in Sonoma County.

And I still say the easiest way of all, given your itinerary, is to catch a connecting flight on Horizon Air and land in Sonoma County, you'd be about 10 min from Windsor that way.