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Running my first race on Sat!

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Well, I did it... I will be running a 5K race on Saturday morning, 8AM! 

I am number 178 - they expect to have between 500-600 people running - I know I am nuts for doing this, but... just want to see how it feels to compete. As Phil says, I will probably do a reasonably good job "for my age bracket" ( don t you think I should just kiss him to death for putting it this way?)

Anyway, I know we have runners around (maybe even lurking...) - if you have advice or tips, send them in! I intend to high carb the night before, and try to do my best!  


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Re: Fast pace for race.  Some people get caught up in the rush of the race, the addrenaline of competing, and the noise of the crowd.  Obviously you are one of those people.  This is why they tend to recommend that runners not race too often.

I'm not one of those people.  Without the TM forcing me to run at some pace, I tend to go more slowly (Runner's World says that on the TM, I don't face the air resistance that you do on the road.

Re: The half.  You just do whatever you can do for a long time.  Last year, I did one 12 mile training run.  This year, it looks like I'll top out at 11 (Achilles issue).  There's definitely no jumping from 3.125 miles to 13.1 overnight!

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible

Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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I am just now catching up on threads.

Congrats Sally.

The only race I am running will be on horseback, thank you very much.

I enjoyed a good 220 sprint when I was young. Forget 100 and 440.  That 220 was perfect for me. Marathon, I can't even imagine.

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The placement is posted - I was the 40th (for the female runners ) - total of 180 runners

for my age bracket, I was number 7 (but there were only 18 runners between 40 and 44 years old, so... no big accomplishment there either)  - to make matters worse, of course the champion had to be in my bracket... :-)   The lady who won  is 42 years old.... (le sigh)

and... the blonde I almost beat at the end... she was 48!  

(le tired sigh)

Still, it was fun....


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Sally, that's wonderful news!  Congratulations on your success.  I suspect you may find yourself drawn into another race sooner than you would think.  <grin>

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s'kat.... you are pure evil... 

Nope, I don t think so. One thing is certain - never more than 5k... :-)


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Good job. Racing is fun and can be addicting. Try some more, both 5k and 10k, as you probably will find that you prefer one over the other. If you sign up for a race with slightly more lead time, let us know because I (and others, I'm sure) will give you some training tips. Setting new PR goals is part of the fun.

One hint for future races, never wear the t-shirt for that race while racing. A shirt from another race is acceptable but matching t-shirt to the race is the sign of a neophyte, at least around here. Of course this rule goes out the window for the Race for the Cure. 

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No advice, no tips (it's far too long since I ran 5k) but have a great time and enjoy the buzz!

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As Phil says, I will probably do a reasonably good job "for my age bracket" ( don t you think I should just kiss him to death for putting it this way?)

I think you should just kiss him to death like I did my DH when I broke my foot in April and he asked "Did the doctor say anything about your overweight condition contributing to this?" I could not even say on this board, my reply , but he did P I S S me off enough to take off about 24 pounds. And now, I am worried , my appetite and eating habits have changed so much. When I broke my foot I weighed 137# and now and I weigh 113#, and I no longer have interest in food, nor cooking. If he were here more than 2-3 days a week, AND I COULD KNOW WHEN THOSE DAYS ARE, I might be more interested in cooking.

Edited to say good luck, good run "for your age bracket" (LOL)

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If I weighed 137# I would have lost my half a Sally!! And if my husband said something like that to me I'd gain 24#, not lose!

Along the way take time to smell the flowers.

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There we go AGAIN....

the half-a sally.....

maybe I should start using this unit of measurement in the lab - Shao, we need 1/120-of-a-sally of glucose-6-phosphate....  can you get it for me?

(Shao is the name of my "adopted" Chinese student... she is doing a very fine job.... tonight she called me twice at home  to make sure she was not making a mistake in the experiments...  if only all the students were equally dedicated! )


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Just have to let you know that I've lost over a third of a Sally so far.  ;)

BTW, I'm so proud of your accomplishments!  I used to enter the "Cowtown 10K" every year, but I'm a walker, not a runner.  After the first time I did that, even though I had been doing quite a lot of walking, I thought I would never move again!  Still, I have usually finished in the upper 1/3 of my age group, even though the event is usually held about a week before my birthday, so I feel like I'm being pitted against those youngsters who are actually a year younger than I!  Guess a lot of us old folks walk, rather than run.  I haven't done this the past few years, because I've been so darn fat and my knees have been in such terrible shape.  If I keep exercising, I might just try it again next year.

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I am very short and small-boned, so 137 looked like more on me than others.