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Recommend Vancouver Restaurants?

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Hi Gang, I am going to Vancouver for several days on vacation this coming week.  I love to try new restaurants. Especially love inventive cooking that doesnt emphasize fatty stuff like cream and butter. DO you have any recommendations?

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For future interest, we just (post #70521, reply #1 of 5)

For future interest, we just got back from Vancouver. I had th ebest Indian Food ever at Rangoili's which is the lunch side of Vij's. We also had a fabulous dinner at BIshop's. Had wonderful sushi at Tojo's for Dinner. Vancouver is a food lover's paradise.

We stayed at the Listel hotel downtown Vancouver and recommend it highly.

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Vancouver Restaurants (post #70521, reply #2 of 5)

Too late to help, but for future visitors I’ll throw out a few ideas:

Japanese: Tojo’s is amazing, but if you find yourself downtown, you won’t go wrong with Miku Sushi (1055 W Hastings St (604) 568-3900). If you do go to Tojo’s don’t let them pressure you into ordering one of the tasting menus. Just ask for a couple of suggestions from the main menu and save yourself a small fortune.

Our favorite for Italian is La Buca (4025 MacDonald St  604-730-6988, 10 min from downtown), but if you can’t get in, or don’t want to get in a car, CinCin is always excellent (154 Robson St (604) 688-7338). Cioppinos does have great food, but the staff’s attitude reflects the fact that they believe their own hype. Also at the high end, you will have a great meal at Lupo (re-opened by the original owner at 869 Hamilton St., (604) 569-2535), but they haven’t really caught on, so the atmosphere is a little sedate.

For traditional high-end Chinese, we love Kirin Seafood (172 Alberni St.  (604) 682-8833),  but if you want something cool and casual, Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie (163 Keefer St (604) 688-0876) is just plain fun – try the Shao Bing, crispy fishies and water spinach.

For Tapas, we prefer Cru on Granville Street or The Pond Tapas Bar and Grill on Commercial Drive.

For brunch or lunch,  try Glowbal, MARKET by Jean-Georges (but eat in the casual area – the formal dining room is slow and over-priced), Café Medina (next door to Chambar) has lines but is worth it if you’re in the neighborhood, Brioche (401 Cordova St) does many dishes surprisingly well, Memphis Blues (great bbq brisket sandwich), or Salade de Fruits (downstairs of the Vancouver Francophone Cultural Centreon 7th Ave. near Granville St). Also, you can stop into any Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe  Or if you happen to be on Commercial Drive, grab an incredible sandwich to go from La Grotta Del Formaggio (1791 Commercial Dr).

We’ve also heard great things about L’Abattoir (217 Carrall St. 604-568-1701),  and Voya (Loden Hotel 1177 Melville St).

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Thanks BC Dave for your (post #70521, reply #3 of 5)

Thanks BC Dave for your comments. They were too late, but who knows, maybe will be back in Vancouver again. I did indeed also go to CinCin and we have a delicious meal there too. I had forgotten to mention it. What a vibrant city !

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Sounds like you'll have fun (post #70521, reply #4 of 5)

Sounds like you'll have fun but I'm sorry I can't really say since I don't live in Vancouver. If you want, I can call up my cousins and ask them? Please add another message just so I know if you need it real bad.


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vancouver restaurants (post #70521, reply #5 of 5)

I am just new here.  I have made many recipes from the FC mag - all wonderful!  I was interested to read about the Vancouver restaurant blog, being an ex-Vancouverite.  I love sushi and had had it in many fine restaurants, including Tojo's.  The thing about him is, he was in the Gold Plates competition and did not win.  He was such a poor loser - he announced to all the attendees that Canadians did not know anything about good food.  So, as good as his food is, his attitude sucks quite a bit.