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RDA I don't know what to say

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Whatever your deal is I don't like it. I was a more than daily user of the forum and you screwed it up. Fix it. This new format is awful. Others may be more acceptable but the fact is ---it stinks. I can't find anyone I know I can't find anything current. Give it up. Rich Looking for the post button but will use the save button to see what happens

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Thanks, Rich. I hear ya, (post #68326, reply #1 of 3)

Thanks, Rich. I hear ya, though, you might not want to make it so personal. The forum's not "my deal," but working on it is a part of my job, and as such, I'd like to work with you to make improvements.

Rants don't help as much as genuine feedback does.

P.S. I moved your post out of the kitchen and into the folder "Feedback on CooksTalk." Also, we'll be changing the "Save" button to read "Post" to avoid confusion.

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Thanks for the smile Robyn, (post #68326, reply #2 of 3)

Thanks for the smile Robyn, I've been a PM most of my working life and I know, oh don't I just know, how hard it is to bring change to a bunch of dedicated users. Rich is a passionate guy, what he does is a credit to all of us (read his background if you get a chance), and that passion spills over into his limited leisure time with CT so I doubt it was personal. Meanwhile keep plugging on with the job, I wish you much success, for all our sakes.

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I dunno. Here are my major (post #68326, reply #3 of 3)

I dunno.

Here are my major issues: Simply having the background colour differentiate the different posts is not enough. They need a border.

There is way way way way way too much space wasted with the pictures and other 'stuff' at the top and bottom of each post; it seems like there is too much clutter and it's hard to find the content.

The worst, for me, is the structure - sure, there's logic to having the threads follow each other subject wise, but the old style, where it was chronological, was easier for me to follow. This new one, it's next to impossible to sift through a long thread to find new posts: they could be anywhere. In order to keep up with the new posts, you have to re-read the entire thread. I'm used to a big family, carrying on 6 conversations at once, so I don't have a problem with the old organization.

In short, I find it's too hard to sort through and follow any threads that interest you.