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Pretty proud or our town

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Charlotte has always been a wonderful place to live, and the amount of money it can and has raised for its various charities has also been prodigious. There is a lot of wealth here--bank corporate headquarters come to mind but there are a lot of other companies--Family Dollar, Radiator Specialties, Pic n Pay, plus plenty of others.

This was in our paper today--they are building a home for the homeless where they CAN get help and move on hopefully.  $8M of $11M raised in 6 weeks.

In addition there has been about $10 million raised for the Family Crisis ____ (can't call the name) for families in distress because of the economy. The Levines, (Family Dollar Stores) kicked that off with $2M.

It doesn't hurt that there is an excellent planning process with volunteer boards and professional executives, of course.

There are a lot of other agencies also, but in our current economy, I am truly amazed at this giving.


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thanks for sharing!! any and all "feel good" posts are needed these days.

happy holidays to you and yours,