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Palm Desert's Best

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Is that like Palm Desert but sweeter?

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You're bad, you know!

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seriously, i ignored this thread 'cause i thought it was some sort of techno/palm pilot/emergency mobile desserts recipe file topic for very very busy caterers. curiosity roped me in though, and i want to say i am the last one to point fingers about typos, LOL i have a sluggish keyboard and brain. the annoying thing is that when you make an error in the title, you can't go back and correct it once posted.

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But you can delete the whole message including the title if no one has posted to it yet.

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yep, and i've done that. but since i have Show Discussions set at "with unread msgs", it's often out of sight and mind until someone posts a reply and then of course it seems glaringly obvious.

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I was just in Palm Desert a couple weeks ago, on a visit to my family.  We went to a huge number of Mexican restaurants in the area while I was there, since I miss Mexican food so much.  (My sister-in-law is also Mexican and is pretty good with sourcing restaurants.)  The very best Mexican of my trip was

El Portal Restaurant
32235 Date Palm
Cathedral City, CA 92234

Like everywhere, in the area there, you get a lot of pedestrian Mexican food, a lot of good Mexican food - but this was excellent.  A second choice would also be in Cathedral City.  It's called La Tablita.

cheers, Bonnie

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Thanks for the info.I will try that spot for sure.
Did you go to any other places that you loved.

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The only non-Mexican we went to was the Cheesecake Factory over at The River in Palm Desert (or is that Rancho Mirage there?).  My family raved about this place, and I'd have to say it was okay, but it not fab.  The salad I had was so so -- the sandwiches (like the Kobe burger) that they had tasted much better.  Back to Mexican food, just to add -- for me, good mole and chile rellenos are the keys to a good Mexican restaurant, and El Portal had the best of my trip.   Simply super.

cheers, Bonnie

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Thanks but I have been there and like you I wasn't that impressed. I, also, find the portions way too big.

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There's a clothing store called "Tommy Bahama's" that sells what used to be called "resort clothes"--expensive Hawaiian shirts, etc. It has a rooftop restaurant by the same name that's surprisingly good. I was there with friends a few years ago. We ate outside by candlelight--really pleasant. I remember having a very tasty black bean soup and fish of some kind. Sort of like a place you'd find in Hawaii--minus the beach.

Another decent place is Samy's Pizza. This is not fine dining. It's about at the same level as Calif. Pizza Kitchen. Good-tasting individual pizzas and salads. DD used to go to summer camp in Idyllwild, a little mountain town near Palm Desert. When we went to visit, we'd take her to lunch at Samy's. 

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Thanks for the idea. I have been to "Tommy Bahama's" and siting outside is very pleasant. I think I'm looking for a tiny, maybe, 'hole-in-the- wall' place that serves great food.