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McCain's turn

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In a speech by someone i didn't recognize, he was just referred to as "America's go-to guy" WTF?

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Oh, believe you me, I have NEVER not voted. That will never happen. I have voted in every election for which I was eligible to vote.

I am merely sad that I have never in my life found myself wholeheartedly FOR any candidate.  Usually I find myself with choosing the lesser of two evils. BUT I would never just stay home. Never.

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

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Not talking about you, but friends and acquantances and soundbytes in the media.

Don't feel bad about not wholeheartedly loving a candidate. this country is so diverse and the issues so many, and so many-sided, that I don't believe it is possible to be 100% on the same page with anyone.

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And besides, even when you think you've found a good candidate, simply being in the office can change him.  I was all for George Bush when he first became governor of Texas, and hoped he would take the bipartisanship and openness to the White House (perhaps getting some English lessons on the way.)  Didn't happen.  I think the best thing one can hope for is that whoever is elected will at least try to change things and work for the majority of us, not just the lobbyists and special interests. 

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NBC news just showed and mentioned the green backdop. They said it "depicted a school near here, though no one knows why..." LOL! they did not mention the name Walter Reed, but that will certainly get more people rooting out the story behind it.

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Try as you may, Jim and I will see the Obama camp as divisive and wrong, just as you will see our side.  Thank God we live in a nation with the rule of law that allows both sides to make their case to the undecided and let them pick the one they identify with and believe will lead them they way they wish to go.  

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"They have even attacked his character by saying that serving his country doesn't qualify him to be President."

That is not an attack. That is SO not an attack. I think it is a fact, and you disagree, but that is not an attack. POW experience is widespread but doesn't make the heros who went through it automatically qualified as POTUS.

Seriously, if you think that statement was an attack, it TOTALLY clears up why you are so angry. You must be twisting many plain statements into mudslinging.

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Interesting article on by Elizabeth Drew, a former writer for the New Yorker and author of a pro-McCain book a few years ago. She had changed her mind about him and outlines why in the article.

Toward the end she makes a point that I have been thinking for the last month, namely that McCain had a very good shot at winning the presidency without selling out his principles and torpedoing his "brand" as a straight shooter.

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I liked McCain un til the night he appeared on the Daily Show and when Stewart asked him about his war position he basically said that questioning "victory" was impugning our soldiers.  Total nonsense...Stewart tried to say that questioning a strategy was NOT being unsupportive of the soldiers in any way but McCain just shouted him down.

Just like he did yesterday on all three morning shows when he responded to all economic questions on all three networs by praising the American work as if someone had been making derogatory remarks about workers.  It was surreal...and viewable at YouTube.

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Yes. I didn't see the Daily Show nor this a.m.s news shows, but I remember reading a few articles about McCain's temper and holding grudges towards other politicos. Not good POTUS material.

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McCain still wants to win, doesn't he? Because judging by his speech, maybe he doesn't. If that's the case, he's lucky: I think he just lost it.

How . . . underwhelming. Even the most diehard must have felt merely whelmed. There was nothing original, policy details were next to non-existent, and nothing different was said that got us into this huge mess we're in in the first place. And what's this? He wants bipartisanship to stop the Washington bickering? Then why doesn't he ask his staff and supporters to stop smearing and lying and name calling?

I am wondering if he wrote this speech. It certainly sounded more like McCain than Palin sounded like Palin. I'm wondering because this speech in the context of the rest of the convention speeches crosses messages. On the one hand, kudos to him for at least trying to stop the character assassination, but on the other hand, why didn't he do it earlier? And on the third hand, it killed the spirit (a mean and spiteful spirit that needed to be killed, it is true) of the delegates who desperately needed to hear their leader deliver a barnburner speech. When the delegates woke up after the speech that seemed twice as long as it actually was, you could almost see them applaud gamely and do the calculations in their head: "OK, well this one's lost--how many days until the next election?"

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JOn Stewart was again funny, but the prize goes to Steven Colbert.  It seems that there is an ardent Colorado young Republican who has been blogging since 2007 that Palian should be the VP. Colbert had him on last night and the guy was cute, and talked faster than any human being I've see who wasn't a pro--not an "er" or "uh"--just rapid fire words explaining what he had done.

Then SC said, "So, you've been doing this from your dorm room for these years affecting a national election", to which the guy said "Well, actually from a room in my mother's house which makes it even worse."  Colbert was SPEECHLESS and collapsed in a heap of laughter. It was SO funny.

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>Then why doesn't he ask his staff and supporters to stop smearing and lying and name calling?<

Doesn't that also apply to the Obama supporters and staff.  Report last night on NBC news (the official Obama network) that they suspected the bad info being reported about Palin on Daily Kos and other blogs is coming from underlings in the the Obama campaign.  Did not infer at all that Obama was responsible or even knew about it.

I think there is enough lying and name calling to go around on both sides.


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>Doesn't that also apply to the Obama supporters and staff.

It does. But Obama's said several times that he does not condone such acts. He's said point-blank that he'd fire anybody on his staff caught partaking in such attacks. He's stated many times to keep private family matters from the POTUS race, partly because what applies to him must also apply to his opponent. He's blasted those 527 ads that went over the line. He's gone against media outlets that stray from the message and attack McCain's character.

Contrast this with McCain, who keeps Rove as an advisor, hires the ex-Bush strategy advisor who smeared McCain himself in 2000, gets talking points from other ex-Bushmen (apologies to the Khoisan peoples) and as a result authorizes from the top of the ticket ads that ridicule and mock Obama's character. Not his policies or ideas, but his character.

No one candidate is going to put a lid on what their supporters say. But a strong message has to come from the top that there are limits.

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