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ideas for serving pineapple

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Once a month we have a themed fun run at our running store.  This month's theme is the Hawaiian shirt 5k.  These events are free of charge although sometimes we do collect for the food bank.  I always serve refreshments when they get back to the store but again, it's a free event, so things are simple but hopefully nicely displayed.

This time I am serving the usual bottled water, plus cans of lemonade and ice tea.  I have made a pineapple and carrot sheet cake with cream cheese frosting, grated toasted cocoanut for garnish.  I want to serve fresh cantaloupe ( because it's on special this week!) and fresh pineapple.

Hence, my dilemma.  I can't think of a nice way to display the pineapple.  Chunks on toothpicks are all I can come up with.  I would be thankful for any suggestion.


BTW, expecting between 35 to 50 runners for the fun run. I heard that some of the girs who do not have Hawaiian shirts are planning to wear cocoanut bras so that should be quite amusing.

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It might be really chafing also!!

If you have a hibachi or small grill you could dip the pineapple in brown sugar and skewer and broil.

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Hi Gretchen, they're not real cocoanuts!  You're probably right about the chafing though.

As far as the grill goes, I'll be running too so won't be able to do anything but advance preparation type things.

I keep thinking back to those sputnik things my mother used to do for showers etc.  You take an orange and cover it with foil, then stick on things like pickles  with a toothpick, a la sputnik!  Dating myself again, oh well.

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I think pineapple slices (skin left on), quartered so people can get a bite of fruit and toss the skin, looks really nice.

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That's a good idea and a lot less work for prep.


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Evelyn, I think that's a good idea, saves me stabbing all the pieces with toothpicks too.  Thanks for the suggestion.


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I prefer it that way also, makes people realize it's really fresh not cut last week and waiting to be bought at the local grocers salad bar!





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Cut the pineapple in quarters, vertically.  Keep the leaves on if you can.  Then with a fairly long, narrow, sharp knife, cut each quarter.   Cut down along the core and then under the skin, removing the fruit in one piece for each quarter, keeping the skin and core in one piece.  Cut the quarters in crosswise slices, without separating them. Slide the slices back in the core and skin "boat".  Push alternating slices about a half inch to alternating sides.

Not sure if I explained it well enough, hope so.

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I don't quite understand what you're trying to get across.  I serve fresh pineapple the same way, but I remove the fruit from each quarter and cut away the core before I slice the "filet" from each quarter crosswise.  Why retain the core?

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Because it tastes good.

Still too wet to garden.  ARGHHHHHH!!

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It looks more interesting that way.

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That sounds like a really uncomfortable way to run!  Tell the girls to buy some shirts and to wear their sports bras.

Maybe we'll find direction, around some corner, where it's been waiting to meet us.

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Without coffee, chocolate, and beer, in that order, life as we know it would not be possible
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The Hawaiian shirt run was a success, rainy night and all.  The girls with the cocoanut bras did wear their technical t shirts underneath and believe me, with all the running they do, there wasn't too much in the cocoanuts anyway.

I ended up serving the pineapple in a glass bowl, nestled in a large straw hat, quartered and with the peel left on.  It was easy to pick up and all the fresh fruit was well received.  Should have taken a picture of the fruit but didn't.  Will try posting a pic of the running club if I can.