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HELP! Unwanted Ads on IE

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I have been surfing the net for help and despite downloading - the yahoo toolbar, the google toolbar and firefox- I am still being plagued by ads on my computer.  As well, I have Norton anti virus, which has not provided any solutions.

The computer stalls and then I notice that all of a sudden, I have three or four things open at once- examples are Russian dating services and quiz games.  As well, it seems like someone at Facebook has a crush on me!  I don't even belong to Facebook.  Some of these sites are quite racy and I don't want them popping up when my GD is online here.

I have changed my privacy settings and even put a block on these web addresses, but they keep coming back.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Hmmmmm. Have you tried running Spybot, AdAware or AVG? Spybot & AdAware are used to get rid of spyware. AVG is for viruses & malware. All 3 of them have free versions that you can download onto your computer.

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You have some kind of virus. If the cheap/free remedies like AVG, adaware, or spybot don't clear it up, take it to a pro. These days it is too complicated to try it yourself.

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Have you been running your Norton updates regularly and running virus scans on your computer regularly? That would be my first appoach. Try doing that.


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Norton runs regularly. I have also tried running a program called malware.  It reports some minor problems,  resolves them- and yet the problem persists.

I agree, maybe it's time for a professional. 

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Is your pop-up blocker turned on?

Our IT guys say you need a spyware program besides your virus program. I have used the free, Microsoft Windows Defender since it came out. Never have a problem.


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Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional!

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Thanks but yes, they're both turned on.  Defender says there is no problem.  Very frustrating.  Norton, Malware...... all of them say the same thing yet these windows keep showing their ugly faces all night long.  They really increase in frequency and adult content once 9 p.m. rolls around.

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Replying to myself here in hopes this may help someone else in the future.

As a last resort, I went into my control panel or something equally techy and looked for anything that had an installation date of July 2009.  (Problem first reared it's head around the 3rd of the month).  I proceeded to uninstall anything that was introduced after that date.  I also uninstalled all the so called solutions I had tried since that time.

It's been an hour and so far no Russians have expressed an interest in marrying me, nor have I won any lotteries, or had the opportunity to test my IQ.  Knock wood, but maybe it's fixed.

I suspect this all came from a website which forced my DH to name it as his homepage before it would let him go.  I remedied that quite quickly but there may have been something attached to that.  Not really computer savvy here, but stubborn enough to try and try some more.

Keeping my fingers crossed........

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Obviously you are much more "tech savvy" than I - - so how do you find out when you originally installed something? I might need this info down the road.

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Hope that does the trick for you! What a pain.

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Tell him to turn off the computer. I HATE those sites that trap you.


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Often pressing Alt + F4 will let you escape one of those pages.

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Ah, thank you. You and DS--knowing all those keyboard commands!!  ;o)


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You're welcome, but only a few. :)

Sometimes I wonder--why is that Frisbee getting bigger?--and then it hits me.

A  clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
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In all honesty, we've had Norton since 2000 and this is the first time we've had a problem with any of our computers.

Someone asked how I found this (sorry I can't see your name from this screen).  I hit the Start button/ then Control Panel/then Programs and Features.  A list of all the programs showed up along with the installation dates.  On that screen you have the option of changing ( don't know what that means) or uninstalling any program.

Still seems okay this morning, but time will tell.