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Good Eats in Houston?

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Hi, I'm one of the heathens from over at Breaktime - Fine Homebuilding. (Although I do most of the cooking in our family and occasionally cater weddings for friends).

I'm off to Houston for a conference and would love recommendations on good resturants. Anything good, but especially ethnic or regional cuisine. (My little Alaskan town has way too many "Greek-Mexican-Italian" resturants - not sure why, but I wouldn't mind as much if they did a good job).


David Thomas   Overlooking Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska

David Thomas   Overlooking Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska
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Txgal would be your gal.

Ragin Cajun

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>> ... way too many "Greek-Mexican-Italian" resturants - not sure why ...

Common ingredients; tomatoes, olives, oregano ...

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Having done a few layovers there, I tend to go for the seafood. Fresh from the Gulf I suppose. I know about where a few restaurants are but never remember their names - sorry.

Wish I could be more help.



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Hey, David.  My DH was stationed in Kenai and ran the water plant for the army post when he was there back in '54-'55. Could you post a couple of pictures of the town sometime (or email them to me).

His 70th birthday is coming up on Valentine's Day and that would be such a neat surprise for him.

Don't feel bad if you can't. Just a wild idea I had.


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Houston is a big town--which part of it will you be in?  Probably best to go for Tex-Mex, seafood, or cajun.  Unfortunately, much of the restaurant scene there is dominated by trendy chains but there are many good places (even among the chains).  If you are near downtown you might try Tila's for Tex-Mex that's a little bit different or Churrasco's for South American.  Brennan's (Cajun/Creole downtown) is great if you are looking for something upscale (this is the restaurant where the Jack Nicholson/Shirley McLaine date scene in Terms of Endearment was filmed).  For seafood, Pappadeaux's (which is one of a chain of restaurants) is good, though you might want to avoid that on a Friday or Saturday night.  If you want a big Texas steak you can find that at Taste of Texas.


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I'll second Pappadeaux's. Have their oysters and then blackened oyster fondue.  The latter is a heart attack on a plate but once-----.


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I have never had a bad meal at Pappadeaux's, Pappacitas, etc....but the noise and waiting in line for a me...........I can 't take it.

Take to heart Txgal recommendations.  She is a native Houstonian.

Gretchen, blackend oyster what? Fondue....? Lol, sounds like a boo-boo I would make.

Ragin Cajun

You don't scare me

I have an African Grey

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David- Here are a few ideas:

Very Pricey- Cafe Annie - Galleria area, never had a bad meal there, Brennan's- downtown, Cajun/Creole,not like the New Orleans

Churrascos- near Downtown,Central/South American,their tres leches is best in town, Fogo de Chao- Brazilian, carnivores paradise, La Griglia- Italian, near downtown, Pico's Mex-Mex, Mexican (not Tex-Mex), Not in a great part of town but delish, margaritas that will put you on your behind, BackStreet Cafe- off of Sheperd, Pesce - seafood, on Kirby, Piatto - Galleria area- my favorite Italian restaurant, fried asparagus to die for, Goode Company Seafood- Good, basic seafood.

This is just a start. Let me know in what part of town you are staying and I can give you many more suggestions, in all price ranges.  


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CAFE ANNIE for sure.

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CAFE ANNIE for sure.

I second that!

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Thank you, Peter, Gary, TXGal, Gretchen, Full-fledged, and Mean Chef for your suggestions. I'll be staying at the Sheraton Houston Brookhollow Hotel, 3000 North Loop West if that narrows it down at all.

Jean, I emailed with an offer to send hubby a Kenai postcard. Your choice of a scenic view or a big fat white guy holding up a big fat, silver King salmon (the only two kinds of postcards up here).

Now to thaw out some more alder-smoked sockeye salmon. Once again. Pasta alfredo, quiche, in a tossed salad, on crackers, ?

David Thomas   Overlooking Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska

David Thomas   Overlooking Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska
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You will be within easy driving distance (at least as defined in Houston terms) of all restaurants that have been mentioned. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can make any reservations for you or help in any other way.


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Thank you very much.

"within easy driving distance" In Texas that would be what? 150, 200 miles?

I do a 320 mile round trip just for Home Depot (being in the only state bigger than TX).

David Thomas   Overlooking Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska

David Thomas   Overlooking Cook Inlet in Kenai, Alaska
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Good one, Dave...I suppose distance is relative, right?

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You are going to be AWFULLY close to Ruggles, on Westheimer, one of our favorites.  Then, if you want Northern Italian , La Mora is just around the corner  from Ruggles.  Try the Tex-Mex at  Taco Milagro on Westheimer, also, at Kirby, for something  besides enchiladas.

Why am I unable to log on as Mctavishpnt?  When I put my e-mail in it calls me Equichef, from the pre-Prospero days.!?

Have a great trip!


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I think we think alike. Mileage means nothing. In Houston easy driving distance refers to how much traffic you will encounter between Point A and Point B and whether you can get there before you want to commit harikari!