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Children's Music/Entertainers/Stories

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Now that I've started fleshing out my own torchy music collection, I'd like to work on the kids' a bit, too.

I have a couple of Disney Soundtracks, but that's basically it (I'm not including the Greek stuff).

What do your kids love to listen to? (mine are 7 1/2 and younger right now) What I want is the most Bang for my Buck. I hate buying something and it just not getting used.



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Ellie LOVED this band in concert:

And we both like Lauri Berkner's little clips on Disney.

They Might Be Giants has a few kid's albums out. Their "adult" albums are kid-friendly, for the most part. Strange, mostly, and weird. No cussing that I can think of, and certainly no sexual themes. But very avant-weird, as my brother says. They did the song "Triangle Man" from a few years ago.

And there is the perennial favorite, Rick Scott and his "Wild Bunnies of Kitsalano". Ellie and I will have to take a road trip to Canada one day just to see these wild bunnies.


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Mine are the same age as yours. They love the Beatles. And Bob Marley, or really, anything with a reggae beat. There is also a cd called Blues for Big Kids, or Kids get the Blues (it's in the car, I'll have to edit with correct title) that is child-oriented in content, but has some fabulous artists.

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Good discussion, but shouldn't this be in Ipke?  Seems like Cooking Discussions are getting way off topic lately.

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Absolutely right...sorry, wasn't paying attention.  Li, can you fix this?

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That's my mistake MadMom. This SHOULD be in IPKE, and that's where I thought I'd posted, but obviously not...obviously the first cup of coffee hadn't done it's work.

I'm hoping Li can straighten things out on Monday...


In life, learn the rules so that you know how to break them properly.
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Ziggy Marley (Bob's son) sings the Arthur soundtracks and has a couple of great kids' CDs. We have "Arthur and Friends: The First Almost Real ...[something or other; can't find complete title on google]" The lyrics are hilarious and relevant to kids.





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At that age my kids loved Scott Joplin, Itzak Perlman, Buddy Holly and John Denver.  Now they make cds for me to play at work.  We had public radio and tv on a lot and I'd feed what they showed interest in.  The baby, who now has the most eclectic musical taste at age 20, loved Raffi.

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Max loves country music (don't know why - not something DH and I are into, but he's his own person, apparently). 

But with kids music - he loves this guy named Ralph Covert, who has put out a bunch of CD's under the main title "Ralph's World".  Max's favorite of Ralph's World is "At the Bottom of the Sea", next "The Amazing Adventures of Kid Astro", and then "Happy Lemons".  They are all adorable.  You can find them on Amazon.  CookiMonster turned me on to them, and I must admit - I enjoy them as much as Max does.  They are catchy, and fun and clever.  Try "At the Bottom of the Sea" first.  It's terrific.

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As for "adult" music, Ellie loves bluegrass. We have those digital music channels, and one of them is bluegrass, and ever since she was an infant, she's adored it.

And she and my mom love the Big Band channel. Swing music is her favorite; very upbeat and danceable.


You live and learn. At any rate, you live..
- Douglas Adams


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Ralph's World, definitely, and definitely the same ones Biscuit mentioned. Not a day goes by in this house when we don't march around to "We are ants."

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Ralph Covert rocks!! We love the Ralph's World albums around here. It's great music that both kids and adults can enjoy listening to. Not too surprising - he's actually the frontman for a popular Chicago band called the Bad Examples. He got into kids' music kind of by accident.

Another favorite is Joanne Hammil. We've got her first album, Pizza Boogie, and it's great.

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Oooh, o0oh!  A chance to shill for my best friend's new disk of children's music!  It's really quite wonderful.


or here:

My kids (who first heard it at ages 6 and 8) love it, even though it's really geared for slightly younger children.  There are music clips on the first website so you can get some flavor of it.


Ruth Wells

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Ruth Wells

"Gardening is the only unquestionably useful job."
 - G.B. Shaw

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I'll hop in here with my recent favorites to share with grandson:
Bill Harley: The Town Around the Bend. Good for age four and up.

Others for older kids by Bill Harley:
The Battle of the Mad Scientists and other tales of survival
Weezie and the Moon Pies
Down in the Backpack
and From the Back of the Bus, completely true stories by Bill Harley.

My favorite is the first as it combines quite clever songs and stories with a bedtime premise. When Bill said something like, "now, stop jumping around on the bed and settle down," my grandson (4) wanted to know how he knew we were still noodlin' around. I am envious of him as a storyteller.

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I love Bill Harley--I first heard him on NPR--and just love his sense of humor.  I should pick up some more of his stuff.

From time to time, I get the song from his story about writing a report about Zanzibar stuck in my head.

"Zanzibar, Zanzibar, Zanzibar is really far. You can't get there in a car. Zanzibar, Zanzibar. . ."


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They Might Be Giants "Here Come the ABCs"

we have both the DVD and the CD soundtrack. awesome. nattie can sing the alphabet backwards now. "Z Y X, Z Y X, W V U T, S R Q, S R Q..."

The bonus songs are fun, too.
My favorite is "Clap Your Hands" while Natalie is partial to "Violin," probably due to the lines "One quarter of George Washington's Head, Half of George Washington's Head, Three quarters of George Washington's head..."

I have no idea. I just know that song tickles her.



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"Violin" is on their other kid's album, too. I need to get the "ABCs" one for Ellie. They have little videolets on Disney Channel of their songs right now. Ellie likes the "Clap you Hands" song, too.


You live and learn. At any rate, you live..
- Douglas Adams


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No big surprise here: for a kid who's really into Andean pre-Columbian antiquity (Incan, Chinchurian, Nasca, and who knows what other eras), he's picked up a taste for Andean panpipes.

Other than that, he listens to what we listen to, although he loves Getz/Gilberto, swing from the le hot jazz era, ragtime, and klezmer.