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Chef hygiene

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I KNOW you all are going to say "you just don't want to know what goes on in the kitchen"  BUT

Watched 2 Iron Chef America shows over the week-end.  One was a re-run--Mario vs. a French chef. Can't remember his name.  Mario was in great style--big eye tuna--and the show was interesting. However the French guy had longish hair that was also stringy looking.  I finally became aware that every time he was on camera  he was constantly running his hand through his hair and then going on cooking and prepping.  Accck.  Daughter had to have an alternative hair style that pulled her hair back off her face when she was a FA because of that.

But one reason I post is that last night Carey (Kerry?) Simon was on. He has longish hair that looks VERY clean and nice.  Never touched his head.
It was  fun segment vs. Cat Cora using hamburger!!  Bill Murray was there as a friend of Kerry's--they apparently both started as cooks at a Little Caesar's.  The winning advantage was o.1 of a point!!

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You just don't know what goes on in the kitchen. : )

But it won't happening in mine -or one that i'm working in. And I will yell at you if you don't have your hair covered -used to do it at work even though I wasn't the boss. No one knows when their hair is going to shed into the food. Be it a baseball cap, a bouffant net, a toque, or one of those puffy cloth hats that can reverse into a nifty Laura Ingalls Wilder bonnet, put the damn thing on! Nothing worse than arriving home with take out, to only find a long a$$ hair in it.

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And I realize they can't do that on Iron Chef but it was just TOO obvious what he was doing.  Someone should tell him.


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<to only find a long a$$ hair in it.>

You know, I've never found an a$$ hair in my food (RFLMAO at myself)





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Ok, this is gross.... My roommate did once, many years ago. I was with her at the time, and neither of us has gone near that entire chain of restaurants since. Uggghhhhh.

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On another board one of the tag lines is

I'm glad my daddy cooks so if we find a hair in the food we know whose it is.

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