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In Bruges

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Watched this last movie night, and really enjoyed it. I keep thinking about it all day. It's a dark comedy, sort of a madcap assassin's film. Made me want to visit Belgium.

Anyone else see it?

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I thought it was an interesting mix of dark comedy and tragedy. I found the movie very sad but oddly amusing.  My friend liked it must more than I did. I suspect that I will like it better if I see it at a better time in my life.

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Sad but amusing, that sums it up!

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whoops!  Came in here to talk about lace - haven't seen the film. ;-)

The best way to forget all your troubles is to wear tight shoes. (unknown)

In life, learn the rules so that you know how to break them properly.
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Great little movie

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I really hated it - I thought it was trying for the kind of laugh-in-spite-of-yourself humour that worked so well in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but it missed by a mile.  For me, it was just nasty.


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I didn't like it much either. Colin Farrell seemed to be walking through it, doing Colin Farrell. I did like the other actor.

Lock, Stock sets a high standard, though.

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Don't know if you read historical fiction -- Dorothy Dunnett has an 8-book series called the Niccolo chronicles.  I think it may be my all-time favorite read.  It takes place in Bruges and eventually throughout the world, but begins when Bruges was one of the trading and commerce centers of the world in the 14th century.

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I saw it when it first came out in the UK and I really enjoyed it. I am also a fan of the city of Bruges. It is a beautiful city and so it was nice to see the city be a character in the film rather than just a backdrop. Now, I like indie films and world cinema (though being in the UK this isn't 'world' to us) so it was right up my cinematic street. I enjoyed both male leads and I can't remember ever saying that about Collin Farrel in the past.

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Welcome to CT Sarah! I too liked the "role" the city played in the film and thought it was funny how the characters berated it and Belgium and yet it was a magical setting. I don't think I've seen Colin Farrell in anything before so don't have anything to compare it to, but his character grew on me, and the interplay between him and the older hitman.

I'm still thinking about various scenes nearly a week later, just liked that film!

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It is sort of how Belgium is thought of in the UK. It is said to be boring and not very exciting. Yet, when I went there for the first time (and it was Bruges the first time too)I fell in love with the place. In the film when the Ralph Finnes character (he was brilliant, I thought) talked about finding the city magical I can see why. And it isn't even the prettiest city in far for me that is Gent which is just stunning. They are almost like hidden gems because people write off the country as boring. Their loss.

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Ral[h F was brilliant--even when he was only in the movie on the phone!