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Bodie California..Ghost Town

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Where is anybody on this forum? A town frozen in time.
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I stop in every day or so, (post #70086, reply #1 of 12)

I stop in every day or so, just to see if it's fixed.  Very, very sad.

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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So Sad is right (post #70086, reply #2 of 12)

What a shame, not even any newbies around.

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Ghost town. :( (post #70086, reply #3 of 12)

A cyber one anyway.

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ghost town... (post #70086, reply #4 of 12)

...spammers crawl out from under the rocks like snakes and former regulars roll through like tumbleweeds, finding nothing to discuss, they roll on by...

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The difference between Bodie (post #70086, reply #5 of 12)

The difference between Bodie and this place is that Bodie was preserved. I fear that Taunton will shut down this site and then everything archived here will vanish-without any warning. I mean, why keep it? 


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The tried and true archive (post #70086, reply #6 of 12)

The tried and true archive has been copied.

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  I usually check here once (post #70086, reply #7 of 12)


I usually check here once a day but as you say, it's rather quiet.

The software change doesn't bother me. Sure it's different but no big deal. A bunch of guys abandoned the BT side also.

Where's all the new people the Google searching was supposed to bring?


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Just one question. On Cooks (post #70086, reply #8 of 12)

Just one question. On Cooks Talk there have been threads that easily approach a hundred posts. IF by some stretch that should happen here, would you enjoy scrolling through to find the new posts that you haven't read?  I know you can go to "new" )supposedly) but if you get to a second page of posts, the "new" goes away. Is that OK with you. Cause that is what we have.

Also, there are a growing number of regulars who cannot sign in--including me. I have to change browsers, but others just can't sign in under any circumstances that the Taunton techies can fix. Interesting.

They are finished with any fixes. so this is what it will look like.  They should take the "beta" off the top and be honest.

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New (post #70086, reply #9 of 12)

Hi Gretchen--

  I agree with you that they should fix the "new" function, as it is a complete pain to try to find the new messages, once (if) a thread gets to more than one page.  


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For the (post #70086, reply #12 of 12)

For the umpteeeeennnnntttthhhh time, it isn't just the "new" function. It is "new to me" option that is needed.

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  I would prefer the (post #70086, reply #10 of 12)


I would prefer the chronological order to the "New" message being after the "Replied to" post. This must be the only internet software to do this. It's different from any other board I've seen.


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I agree (post #70086, reply #11 of 12)

Yes, chronological order would help-- I initially thought I would prefer the other way, but I was wrong!  Ha, wouldn't be the first time...