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HI I used to love love this site. I love fine cooking but ever since you changed the format of forum I stopped coming here. But today I am freaking. You used to have the best search for recipes and now it is all changed. I just want to find recipes that have been printed in fine cooking magazines!!! How do I do that now? Sorry to rant but I am so frustrated by the changes you are making.
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Hi dessertlady!

The search box is on the Fine Cooking "front page" (i.e., right under the title and right next to the "search" thing with the little green "NEW!" tag-- I assume you got that far. What recipe are you looking for and what search terms did you try?  Although I'm no Amy/Schnitzel, I will try to help.

I've been exploring the NEW! search a bit and I find it much better than the old one-- I always had trouble with the old search, but now I can easily find recipes without getting a lot of other stuff, like old gallery posts, blog business, etc. Also, the little photo really helps me figure out which recipe is the one I wanted.

So, what were you looking for?

Cheers, Jen

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I believe the page you are (post #71634, reply #2 of 2)

I believe the page you are looking for is here

They moved it a few months ago, and it's impossible to find through the site navigation.

Hope this helps - cheers!