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What to serve with scallops

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I am going to make some scallops this weekend. I will just saute them with some oil, butter, garlic, and lemon juice. I am also making baked potatoes wrapped in bacon. I am looking for some side dishes to serve along with this. Any ideas. Thanks.

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It may just be me but I think scallops work best simply cooked and served with minimal accompaniment, so for that reason I always serve them as a separate course, maybe as a starter, with a few dressed salad leaves. Having said that I some scallops at a fancy restaurant last week that were served with a tian of eggplant and tomato which seemed to work pretty well.

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I prefer them w/ rice pilaf & a simple vegetable. I have had scallops in restaurants that have bacon or pancetta in the sauce, but a big baked potato seems too heavy to me.

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I'm with you one this one.  If I make a dinner with scallops and some sort of butter sauce, I always like rice as the accompaniment.  It absorbs all that lemon butter and is lighter than the scallops, so it doesn't overwhelm the star of the plate.

Truthfully, my favorite side with scallops is Uncle Bens Original wild and white rice box mix.  This is the only box rice mix that I buy (I make pilaf and such from scratch). But I do like this box mix, it has a nostalgic quality about it and goes great with anything that has some lemon flavor.  I also like it alongside grilled steak.

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I guess you're right, when I think about it. The potato would be a little too much. Thanks

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Thanks for all the great suggestions. I think I will go with rice and maybe a side salad.

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OK, I'm going to play devil's advocate but in two directions. I don't think potato has to be too much, it depends on how it's done and in the portion offered. On the other hand, what's wrong with a plate without a starch component?

I can actually see a plate with wilted spinach done with olive oil, garlic, anchovies and raisins, topped with a dollop of yam with nicely seared and caramelized scallops and bits of crispy bacon.

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For the potatoes I was going to half them, put a thin onion slice between then wrap them with bacon and bake.


I like your wilted spinach idea but neither DH or I like anchovies, raisins, or yams.

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"I like your wilted spinach idea but neither DH or I like anchovies, raisins, or yams."

Oh my.

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The large or the small scallops?

For the small, I enjoy them over a bed of rice. The rice being cooked in chicken broth.

For the large I like their sweetness contrasted with something a bit bitter like spinach. I also think it makes a nice presentation with the contrast of colors.


One creates these beautiful dishes. Then people destroy them with their teeth. You might like to take a photograph of your own grilled sole with samphire. It won't be as good as mine but it will be something.

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Flay your Suffolk bought-this-morning sole with organic hand-cracked pepper and blasted salt. Thrill each side for four minutes at torchmark haut. Interrogate a lemon. Embarrass any tough roots from the samphire. Then bamboozle till it's al dente with that certain je ne sais quoi.

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At the risk of being banned from this place, I will confess that once I served scallops, sauteed very simply with a little bit of lemon zest

with.... with.... with....

ready for it?

broccoli puree from Jacques Pepin's fast food his way... :-)

I know, I know, I probably deserve to be beaten with a day old baguette, but it looked kind of cute and tasted great.



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Actually, that sounds very good.

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Can I still play then?


I would not serve it for company, because I felt that it was such a strange, unusual combo - but for hubby and I, it fit the bill nicely



"Her shimmyshaky is much better than her chimichurri"
(Glenys, June 2006)

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I don't know this recipe, but I'm not sure why you wouldn't serve it to company. Broccoli is a tad strong for scallops (although I am not much of a broccoli fan) but the idea of a pureed vegetable next to scallops seems perfect to me.

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Hear, hear!

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I'll take that baguette in hand. Broccoli, well I never....

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DH would die if I served him broccoli puree, LOL.  Once I made Cream o' broccoli soup and he accused me of using mulch from the lawnmower - I should have added more cream.  The guy just can't stand the stuff. 

I think a veg puree would suit scallops well.


Chicago-style deep-dish:  "Pizza for people who just aren't fat enough"
Anthony Bourdain

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A favorite of mine is:

Combine some lobster bisque with some pernod and cream to taste. Serve sauted scallops (the big ones) on a bed of jasmine rice and spoon sauce over.




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Peter, That sounds lovely. I make that Terra Salmon dish on special occasions; I never thought to make a variation w/ scallops.

The Terra dish is a layered dish served in a wide flat bowl: grilled salmon on a small scoop of Jasmine rice, topped w/ a little cabbage slaw made w/ rice wine vinegar not mayo; red curry coconut sauce arranged around the rice; top w/ toasted chopped cashews & cilantro.

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I love Swiss chard with scallops.  In face, my favorite scallops recipe combines the scallops with Swiss chard, mushrooms, pine nuts and parmesan.  I will post it if anyone is interested.

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Yes please post your recipe. It sounds delicious.

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Scallops with Swiss chard, shallots and mushrooms:

1-1/2 pounds sea scallops

One pound mushrooms, preferably cremini, chopped into large chunks

4 or 5 shallots, sliced thinly.

2 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 stick butter

About 3/4 cup parmegiano regiano, grated.

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 to 3/4 pound angel hair pasta (depending on how much you want to stretch the dish), preferably fresh.

Stem the chard and chop the stems into small pieces.  Tear or cut the chard leaves into strips.  Saute the chard stems and the shallots in the olive oil until soft.  Add the mushrooms and saute until mushrooms begin to brown.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Meanwhile saute the scallops in the butter.  Add the to the mushrooms and chard.  Heat together for 5 minutes. Add the parmesan and stir.

Cook the angel hair pasta to taste.  Add to the scallops, mushrooms & chard.  You can add a dash of sherry if you like.

This is even better the 2nd day.  I try to make it a day ahead, so all the flavors can meld.

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This is such a great recipe! I fell in love with swiss chard not too long ago. Cannot say it was love at first sight, but definitely love at third bite

Have been cooking chard quite often - this recipe sounds perfect to me!




"Her shimmyshaky is much better than her chimichurri"
(Glenys, June 2006)

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Thank you!  I must be lazy, because I love recipes that combine the vegetables and starch with the fish or meat.  Did I remember to say that when you add the scallops to the chard, you heat them together for about 5 minutes?

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I'd like to see that recipe as well.

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With scallops...? (post #65879, reply #25 of 26)

Try a Cauliflower bisque (sauteed scallops on top)

Easy, impressive, lovely, and yummy!!!!!!!!

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Hope they've already been (post #65879, reply #26 of 26)

Hope they've already been served!!  Five years ago!!   Sounds interesting, but  I would not have considered it since I would think the cauliflower would overpower the delicateness of the scallops.